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The Sochi Mascots Find Curling Strangely Erotic

The Sochi mascots have spent a lot of time together during these Olympic Games, and it appears a romance is […]

David Backes’ Goal For Team USA Against the Czech Republic Was a Thing of Beauty

I played hockey growing up, and one thing my coaches always stressed was “throw the puck at the net. Good […]

Lauren Cosgrove Can’t Be Too Happy About T.J. Oshie’s Tinder Profile

Current American hero T.J. Oshie is engaged to the stunning Lauren Cosgrove. Millions of red-blooded guys would gladly slide into […]

Eva Samkova’s Good-Luck Mustache is Mesmerizing

Czech snowboarder Eva Samkova has a bizarre ritual before every final round she competes in. You’d call having someone draw […]

This Delightful GIF Makes It Appear That Jaromir Jagr Is Getting a Rub-and-Tug

A little late on this, unfortunately, but is a GIF this good ever really out of place? No. The answer […]

Canada’s Hockey Team Sure Loves Those Foam Curling Hats

Any idiot knows the two most exciting sports in the Winter Olympics are hockey and curling. So it stands to […]

I Can’t Stop Watching This ‘Star Wars’ Olympic Skiing GIF

Shut it down, you guys. This is the GIF of these Olympic Games. I don’t care if someone extinguishes the […]

U.S Women’s Hockey Fan in Full Bodysuit Loves America More Than You

If nothing else, the Olympics provide a perfect opportunity for Americans to go America all over everyone’s assess for two […]

Canadian Freestyle Skier Yuki Tsubota Suffered a Gnarly Crash

There have been numerous complaints about the safety of the slopestyle course in Sochi. Yuki Tsubota would probably voice one, […]

We’re Kind of In Love With These Hot Canadian Ski Sisters Who Won Gold and Silver Medals In Moguls

  Way to keep the Olympics in the family, Canada. Canadian skiers Justine and Chloe Dufour-Lapointe just earned a special […]

The Russian Police Singing Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ Is the Most Russian Thing Ever

I wish we could post the video here,  I wish we could post this badass cover of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” by […]

So… There Might Be a Suicide Bomber Loose in Sochi Already

Well, the Olympics just got a little more interesting. 

Sochi Sounds Safe

The 2014 Winter Olympics are just 29 days away, and mark my words, something bad will happen at them. 

Bro Lasts Longer Than an Olympic Sprinter, Plus a Very Weird Time With a MILF

Hey y'all, I'm taking over the Hook Up Heroes column from the estimable @JCamm_. Large shoes to fill, I know, but I'll try my best.

Usain Bolt Has an Insatiable Hunger for McNuggets, Sex

The fastest man on the planet has a new tell-all book coming out entilted: Faster Than Lightning. That title sounds pretty goddamn misleading because, ya know, I

Rate the USA’s Olympic Hockey Jerseys

Nike has unveiled the AMERICAN HOCKEY jerseys to be worn next year in Sochi. If your loins don’t tingle with patriotism just by looking at

Breaking News: Detroit Won’t Host the 2024 Olympic Games

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing yesterday put an end to non-existent speculation Detroit would bid on the 2024 Olympic Games. He cited a current crippling financial

Watch Olympian Nick Symmonds Break the U.S. Record for Fastest Beer Mile

The beer mile is sort of the alcoholic uncle of endurance running events. Conducted on a standard 1/4 running track, you're required to drink one

Ryan Lochte Appears on Set of ‘90210,’ (Barely) Says Words

Ryan Lochte is guest starring on CW's '90210,' mostly so that tweens look at him without a shirt on, which of course will lead to

An Inspirational Poster, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

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The 10 Best Instagram Shots of Team USA Poppin’ Bottles Yesterday

Your Olympic watching experience wasn't even close to being complete without following the Twitter and Instagram accounts of the Team USA'ers. If you followed them,

Sports Links for August 8th: McKayla Maroney is Not Amused

The best links from the sportsverse. 

Sh*t Never Said During The Olympics Is Spot-on

"The only problem with the women's basketball is that there are too many dunks." 

Don’t Mess With This Driver, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

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Very Cool Video Shows Just How Much Faster Usain Bolt Is Than Anyone Who Has Ever Existed

This is kind of like that Sports Science segment ESPN does, except that its cool as f*ck, and the narrator doesn't digress into tagents about

Irish Commentator Makes Sailing More Entertaining Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Do I want this guy to narrate my life? Yes. 

Sports Links for August 6: The Glenn Gronkowski Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today. 

If You Finish Fourth at the Olympics, This British Man Will Send You a Medal to Ease the Pain

Finishing fourth in a specific event at the Olympics must suck. Sure, you’re one of the best in the world at your sport, but you

I Do This Every Single Day, Plus Today’s Best Links

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The Olympics Don’t Officially Begin Until a Female Weightlifter Pees Herself

There’s the cool LMFAO part of “working out” and then there’s this, a more disturbing consequence of lifting a tremendous amount of weight.

Michael Phelps Isn’t So Different Than Us, Plays Call of Duty for Over 30 Hours a Week

Do you remember when you were younger, and your Mom would warn you about eating unhealthy, playing too many video games, and the dangers of

The 28 Hottest Olympians at the London Games

With the 2012 Summer Olympics fast approaching, here’s a look at some of the sexiest athletes you’ll be watching compete in London. My advice, don’t

Attention, European Athletes: Now Might Be a Good Time to Cool Down the Racist Tweets

The United States has more than its fair share of problems with racism—but for real Holy-Sh*t-What-Were-They-Thinking racism, look no further than European sports.

Here’s a Double-Decker Bus Doing Push-Ups

Yep, that’s exactly what it is. Inspiring.

Things to Eat and Drink in Public, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

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Sports Links for July 24:The New Fastest Man Alive Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Michael Phelps’ Official Olympic Picture is Hilarious

If Michael Phelps wins three medals in the upcoming London Games, he’ll be the most decorated Olympian in history. That’s all fine and dandy, but

Dear Team U.S.A.: Please Wear These Jerseys During the Olympics

Last night, Team USA topped Argentina 86-80 in an exhibition game played in Barcelona. The tight score was unexpected, and the Americans needed late 3-pointers

Sports Links For July 19th: The ‘Russdiculous’ Edition

Presenting the best and most "Russdiculous" sports links from our friends:

Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Might Be the Hottest Hurdler Ever

Me, meet Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke. She just turned 19 in June. This video is from the World Junior Championships for the 100m in Barcelona.