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Ole Miss Bros Are Flying Drones with GoPros at Frat Parties Now

It truly is a brave new world we live in.

Ole Miss Baseball Player Knows the Key to Any Good Celebration is Pretending That You’re Being Showered in Jizz

Ole Miss' Catcher, Will Allen, gets it. Kid is wise beyond his years.

Ole Miss Is Still Racist as Hell, Fraternity Members Hang a Noose Around the Statue Of Civil Rights Hero

What is the hell is going on at Ole Miss? According to a number of separate reports, racist behavior is happening […]

Mississippi State Unveils Gold Helmet for Egg Bowl

Mississippi State’s Thanksgiving Night game against Ole Miss won’t be just any Egg Bowl. It will be an Egg Bowl in which the Bulldogs wear

Check Out How Fired Up This Marine Was at the Ole Miss Game

Remember the Marine at Ole Miss who yelled at UT's Marquise Goodwin after scoring a touchdown? How could you forget. Sergeant Stephen Roberts was especially fired

‘Things You Should Never Do During Sex,’ According to Possibly Drunk Ole Miss Students

What happens when I'm Shmacked rolls into Oxford, Mississippi to party with a bunch of coeds and ask them about their sex lives? This highly

The Ole Miss Party Girl Partied With LSU Fans

The Ole Miss party girl is right in the meaty part of her 15 minutes of fame. As such, she went glad-handing at The Grove

We’re In Love with This Honest Girl at Ole Miss Who Just Wants to Booze It Up at the Grove

Love this video about tailgating at Ole Miss' The Grove on Gameday. Rather than talking about how great the social atmosphere is or whatever bullshit line

Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze Gets Into Heated Exchange With Fan After Loss

Passions run hot during college football season, especially in the south. So stuff like this shouldn't be surprising. And yet ... it is. 

Vanderbilt and Ole Miss Play Instant Classic, Complete With a Puking Guy and Late Touchdowns

College football’s first night did not disappoint. Tight games and great plays flowed like wine. But the best drama belonged to Ole Miss and Vanderbilt,

Pikes At Ole Miss Drop $125K on a Party With Waka Flocka, Write In to Rub It In Our Face

Per the reader email, "It's a funny world seeing many of these schools claim that they are higher in the party charts. Well let me

Ole Miss Star Marshall Henderson Promises to Tone it Down

Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson is coming back for another year. And he promises to change, you guys.

Here’s Marshall Henderson Flipping Off the Crowd After Ole Miss’ Loss to La Salle

Marshall Henderson became one of the most popular players in college basketball with his unique blend of being a dick and missing a lot of

Wisconsin’s Shot Chart is Nightmare Fuel

Wisconsin did not shoot well today in its loss to Ole Miss. I could give you the numbers (15-for-59, 25 percent) but these pathetic shot

Marshall Henderson Celebrated Winning the SEC Tournament in Typical Marshall Henderson Fashion

Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson loves shooting off-balance three-pointers and acting like a crazy human being. If you haven’t heard of this guy yet, do

Ole Miss Lands Robert Nkemdiche, Has Ridiculous Recruiting Class

Where is the nation’s top recruit going to play his college ball? Ole Miss? That can’t be right.

Did Ole Miss Really Riot After the Election Last Night?

We're hearing conflicting reports out of Oxford today that a riot—or a protest—occurred last night after President Obama was re-elected to a second term.

I’m Shmacked x Ole Miss, Auburn Week

Ain't no place on the planet quite like Oxford, Mississippi on an October Saturday. The gang from I'm Shmacked headed down to The Grove to

Ole Miss Sorority Hopeful Takes Massive Face Plant on Bid Day

"I'm getting a bid! I'm getting a bid! I'm getting a bid, betches!" (Girl next to her sweeps the leg...and FACE PLANT). This is why

Ole Miss, Southern Miss Engage in Extensive Dance-Off

There was a rain delay in the Ole Miss-Southern Miss baseball game on Tuesday, so the teams took the opportunity to have an

Ole Miss Basketball Players Confirm Small Genitalia Stereotype of White Men

On this Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we attempt to break down misnomers about race. It's not only minorities who get slapped with slanderous stereotypes,

At the Ole Miss Tailgate, the Bourbon Flows and the Final Score Doesn’t Matter

First off, Ole Miss has to be up there with one of the most attractive campuses I have seen, with huge brick-column buildings and

Which Mascot Should Ole Miss Pick?

Today is an important day at the University of Mississippi. After a mascot-less seven years, students at Ole Miss are casting ballots on