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If You Have Grandparents In Southern California They Might Be Using Meth

Baby Boomers Gone Wild.

Adam Duritz Is On The Cover Of AARP Magazine, Because YOU ARE OLD AS FUCK

Adam Duritz is 50.

You’ll Never Guess What This Pervy Old Guy Sang About On ‘America’s Got Talent’ That Made Heidi Klum Shit Bricks

Now if only my grandparents gave as few fucks as this guy...

Watch This Grandma FLIP Her SHIT When No One Passes Her A Joint

To be fair, she never said "please."

You’ll Never Guess What Police Arrested This Senior Citizen For

Hint: it begins with "M" and ends with "eth".

Clown Hooker Grandmas Are Now Offering Gas Station Hand Jobs For $2

To be fair it was originally $3, but they bartered against themselves.

Freestyle Soccer Champ Wears an Old Man Costume, Destroys Noobs

Don't trust old people.

Angry, Old White Man Punches Black Woman For Cutting in Line at McDonald’s (Video)

All Howard Carl Wilson wanted was some McDonald's.

Woman Calls 911 After 72-Year-Old Husband Suggests Doing Some Incest

A South Carolina woman called 911 after she became concerned when her 72-year-old husband suggested that he wanted to bang […]

McDonald’s Employee Celebrates His 100th Birthday By Going to Work at McDonald’s, Proves Millenials Really Are a Bunch of Shitheads

  McDonald’s employee Morris Miller might be the oldest McDonald’s employee in the world. Last week he celebrated his 100th […]

Grandma Hires a Stripper For 100th Birthday and the Video Of Her Getting a Lapdance Is Great

Fact: The older you get, the more zero fucks you give. Such is the case of Doris Deahardie, who hired a stripper for her 100th birthday

Old Dude Dances His Ass Off to Nicki Minaj, Wins All the Prizes

Song ends. He exits. Total Costanza move. 

Old Man Kicks a Bunch of ASU Bros In the Face at the Arizona Game

Total bad ass motherfucker right here. I don't know how this old guy got into the Arizona State student section on Saturday, but he certainly wasn't

What’s This 110-Year-Old Woman’s Secret to Longevity? Scotch

Audrey Lott is turning 110 this Friday. Think about that—she was born during Theodore Roosevelt's presidency; she was 36 at the outbreak of World War II.

Amazing Old Lady Makes Sick Grab at San Francisco Giants Game

If you’re a dude older than 12, you should NOT bring a baseball glove to a Major League Baseball Game. If you’re a woman over

Breaking Down the 45-Year-Old Man in a College Bar

Occasionally something is so out-of-place that everyone notices it. Sure, some people are more vigilant — they’re the obsessive-compulsive disorder type

Elderly Actors Can’t Get Their Lines Right to the Delight of Ageists Everywhere

Old People! HA! 

The Daily Show Tackles the Vexing Subject of Old People Smoking Marijuana

Wait, old people smoke marijuana too? They're just like us! Reporting for The Daily Show, Al Madrigal filed an indepth investigation on Robert Platshorn's "The

Boss Old Man Defends Home with Bow and Arrow in One of the Stranger Local News Broadcasts You’ll See

I'm not posting this because of the obvious "Hey, this guy is elderly but still able to defend himself; this is awesome" angle. I'm posting

Dexter McCluster Delivers Turkey to Woman, Has to Hear About How Awful the Kansas City Chiefs Are

Here’s a pretty good reason for professional athletes to stay home and count their money instead of giving back to the community.

Awesome Granny Does Awesome Keg Stand at Awesome LSU Tailgate

Grandmas doing keg stands! Who can ever resist a grandma doing keg stands?

Spicy Old Lady Thinks She Calls the Shots When Cop Pulls Her Over, Gets Arrested

I'm all for respecting your elders but this old bag got what was coming to her. Telling a cop to hurry up, or not doing

Watch an Old Dude with a Walker Get His Rave On

Get this guy a beer, ASAP. At Canada's "The Kee to Bala" music festival, this old dude in a walker got shredded while surrounded by

101-Year Old Dude Who Drinks Beer and Runs Marathons Is Bro as Sh*t

I want to be Buster Martin when I grow up. As you'll see in this clip from Mark S. Wexler's 2009 documentary, 'How To Live

Hilarious Crying Baby Prank Executed to Perfection

What happens when you put a hideous old man mask under a blanket, prompting people to mistake it for a bawling baby? Prankster Jack Vale

Listen to This Old Lady’s Insane, Hilarious Voicemail Complaining About Manny Ramirez

This lady, who is 69-years-old and NOT A FUDDY DUDDY, wants you to know that Manny Ramirez’s long hair is causing all of America’s problems.

Watch These Three Grandmothers Read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

"What the hell is a butt plug?"

Johanna Quaas is 86, Still Doing Gymnastics

OK, so maybe women’s gymnastics isn’t exactly our forte. But when the participant's 86-years-old, it’s hard to ignore.

Old Lady Has Had It With Apple, Newfangled Glass Doors

An 83-year-old woman is suing Apple for $1 million after she smashed face-first into glass doors at a Long Island store. If she wins, it

74-Year-Old Man Chokes on Dentures During Sex With Prostitute, Dies

A 74-year-old Taiwanese man died after swallowing his dentures while having sex with his 62-year-old prostitute. This is how I want to go out. Doing

If You’re an Unselfish Lover That’s Having Trouble Bringing Females to Org*sm We’ve Got a Solution

Simply put: Start banging the elderly. In a recent study, aimed at solving the mystery of what age women have the best org*sms at --