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Badass Grandpa’s Workout is Way More Extreme Than Yours

This dude is 64-years-old and claims he didn’t start working out until he was 55. Do not fuck with him. 

This Old Dude is the Lionel Messi of the Hackey Sack World

The most dazzling of displays. H4x354x0r has been posting these sorts of videos for awhile, but its taken till this heroic effort for him to get

91-Year-Old Benches a World-Record 187 Pounds

Well, Christ. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for eating a healthy lunch. Then I saw Sy Perlis dominate the bench press like a

The 12 Coolest Old Bros In Sports

Lee Corso AND Lee Trevino approve... 

Everyone Should Strive for Their Obituary to Look Something Like This

"Harry Weathersby Stamps, ladies' man, foodie, natty dresser, and accomplished traveler, died on Saturday, March 9, 2013."

Watch the Man with the Worlds Lowest Voice Sing a Song

This man allegedly swallowed a nail as a child--therefore giving him the official title of man with the lowest voice, because oh! he swallowed a

World’s Coolest Bros, Now in Their 40’s, Have Been Playing an Elaborate Game of Tag for 23 Years

The Wall Street Journal has published one of those stories that make you temporarily forget that the internet isn't just a bottomless pit of cat

Old Bro Wrestles Shark Away from Children on an Australian Beach

We retired "Bro of the Week" a long time ago (none of you f*ckers read it), but if we still had it, I'd nominate this

Watch an Old Dude with a Walker Get His Rave On

Get this guy a beer, ASAP. At Canada's "The Kee to Bala" music festival, this old dude in a walker got shredded while surrounded by

10 Reasons a True Bro Will Never Get Old

Aging is a sad consequence of being alive, but just because someone ages doesn’t mean they have to get “old.”  Being old is a state

Watch These Old Dudes Go Full Bro During This Ridiculous Chapel Hill Good Neighbor PSA

College students vs. college town residents is the oldest clash in the books. We've all been there with an angry neighbor who wants to rain