Oktoberfest Beer: 5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking It Right Now


Oktoberfest beer is the mother of all seasonals, but you better buy yours before it's too late.


101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die: Oktoberfest


Editor's Note: The fine folks over at Matador Network just dropped a guidebook that isn’t full of tired, lame, or even BS travel information.


WTF? Insane Woman Bites Man’s Lip Off in Craziest Oktoberfest Fight Ever


This crazy drunk Alaskan woman—who refused a breathalyzer test after this fight because then NO ONE would know she was drunk—went full Mike Tyson on an Australian guy in an Oktoberfest beer hall earlier this year, actually biting the poor man's lip off.


This big girl starting a fight with some dude is quite possibly the most dangerous woman alive


This is a video of a big girl in an Oktoberfest dirndl starting a fight with some guy.


Completely insane woman turns into Hannibal Lecter at Oktoberfest


This delightful woman went to Germany to participate in Oktoberfest.


Your official Guyism guide to Oktoberfest


Chet Siegel's German friend, Heidi, teaches you how to celebrate Oktoberfest the right way in our official Guyism guide to Oktoberfest.

Usain Bolt lederhosen

Someone tried to take a picture of Usain’s ‘Bolt’ at Oktoberfest


Fans got a good glimpse of Usain Bolt in lederhosen at Oktoberfest.

women in dirndls

Oktoberfest: Beer, Brats, and Cleavage…Lots of Cleavage


Oktoberfest is well underway in Munich and if you like beer, women, boobs, women in dirndls and cleavage, it's pretty much heaven on earth.

Samuel Adams

Hands on/up with Sam Adams Octoberfest


I've been slowly trying every Oktoberfest beer on which I can get my hands, and one seems to pop up exponentially more often than the others.

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