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Oklahoma Has Some Crazy New Wood-Themed Helmets

Sooner or later, you knew this was coming.

James Fraschilla Is the Best Trick Shot Artist in America

Oklahoma's James Fraschilla has made a trick shot video each year of his college career. The shots have steadily increased in difficulty; the cameos have

Oklahoma Broke ESPN’s Stage, Almost Killed Lou Holtz

Oklahoma was overjoyed with a 45-31 Sugar Bowl win over Alabama and forgot about weight limits during a postgame interview with ESPN.

Oklahoma State Cheerleader in Hot Water for Being a Dick

The male Oklahoma State cheerleader who tried to trip Oklahoma’s Eric Striker as he celebrated the game-ending touchdown in Saturday’s rivalry game will face discipline

UPS Driver Banged a Hooker In His Truck, Hooker Posts Selfie Online Wearing His Uniform

Oklahoma prostitute, Tiffany Cums (perfect), posted photos of herself online after a recent tryst with a UPS delivery man. In the photos, Cums -- who is now referring

The Oklahoma Football Team Loves Halloween

It’s not the San Diego State baseball game or anything, but Oklahoma’s football practice yesterday was fairly haunting. Pretty much everyone associated with the team

WOW, Sigma Nu’s House at the University of Oklahoma Is Going to Be Insane

Holy cow. Our Bros at TFM just landed an architectural mock-up of Sigma Nu's new fraternity house at the University of Oklahoma. This frat castle

Check Out Oklahoma Sophomore James Fraschilla’s Awesome (and Charitable) Trick Shot Video

Back around this time last year, Oklahoma freshman James Fraschilla made a trick shot video to benefit the children's charity Hayden's Hope, an organ transplant

University of Oklahoma Has an EDM-Inspired Anthem and, Uh, Just Watch It

On the one hand, props to the University of Oklahoma for making this. You've given us an expensively produced two minutes and five seconds of

Oklahoma Boy, 5, Forced to Turn Michigan Shirt Inside-Out by School

This is incredibly stupid – and that’s coming from someone genetically compelled to hate the University of Michigan with the passion of a 1,000 suns.

Watch a Baylor Student Storm the Field On Crutches

Last Baylor-Oklahoma post, promise. There's nothing more exciting than an upset over a football powerhouse. Not even being on crutches stopped this female

Erin Andrews Got a Gatorade Bath After Baylor Upset Oklahoma

That is all. Video after the click.

Baylor Receiver Kendall Wright Scores the Wackiest Touchdown On a Tipped Pass You’ll See Today

What a ridiculous and amazing weekend for college football. On Friday, Iowa State straight up puts Oklahoma State in cardiac arrest. USC upsets

Video: Oklahoma Teens Like to Set Themselves on Fire for Fun

What the hell happened to teens participating in sports, carelessly wafting farts, and taking every opportunity to play grab ass/tit with the ladies? Are kids

VIDEO: Here’s the Spectacular Oklahoma State Interception Everyone’s Talking About

You probably already know about Oklahoma upsetting number Oklahoma State, 47-41, in the annual Bedlam Game. Now heads are rolling in the Big 12 South