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Bro Asks Porn Stars ‘What Sexual Act Would You Donate to Raise Money for Oklahoma Tornado Victims?’

Vidya of the day right here. And if you take anything away from it, aside from that these porn stars are all living on another

Wolf Blitzer Tells Atheist Tornado Survivor ‘You Gotta Thank the Lord,’ in Awkward Interview

During CNN's otherwise not-disastrous Oklahoma tornado news coverage yesterday, Wolf Blitzer repeatedly asked a woman, who turned out to be an atheist, if she "thanked

Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million to Oklahoma Disaster Relief Efforts

Kevin Durant just donated $1 million to the Oklahoma disaster relief fund. The Red Cross announced the more-than-generous effort via Twitter.

Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Reunited with Dog During Middle of Interview: You Will Feel Emotions

Moore, OK was hit hard yesterday by a mile-wide tornado that has left the residents of the Oklahoma City suburb trying to piece their lives together