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Oklahoma State Cheerleader in Hot Water for Being a Dick

The male Oklahoma State cheerleader who tried to trip Oklahoma’s Eric Striker as he celebrated the game-ending touchdown in Saturday’s rivalry game will face discipline

I Can’t Stop Watching This Oklahoma State Fan Waving His Turkey Leg

IN STRIDE. He bites the goddamn thing in stride! He couldn't decide what was more important: being a part of the crowd waving or eating that

Oklahoma State Bro Holds Up ‘Baylor’s Defense Has More Holes to Fill Than Lisa Ann’ Gameday Sign

I don't know how we missed this yesterday. Absolutely hilarious... It was #truth too. 

YONI x I’m Shmacked at Oklahoma State University

DJ YONI takes on Oklahoma State in the latest I'm Shmacked video. Check it out.

VIDEO: Here’s the Spectacular Oklahoma State Interception Everyone’s Talking About

You probably already know about Oklahoma upsetting number Oklahoma State, 47-41, in the annual Bedlam Game. Now heads are rolling in the Big 12 South