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I Still Can’t Believe This Russell Wesbtrook Dunk

Get out of town.

I Can’t Stop Watching Russell Westbrook’s Swaggy Three-Point Celebration

Cool guy.

Russell Westbrook Almost Dunked on a Mop Girl

Look out!

Blake Griffin Just Got Super Punched in the Dick

Very ouch.

Russell Westbrook Played a Sea Lion in Basketball

We all win.

LeBron James Dunked, Then Bled All Over the Place from His Face

LeBron James continued his year-long Festivus feats of strength last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Midway through the fourth […]

Giant Bully Kevin Durant Blocks Kids’ Shots With Great Authority

Kevin Durant is a stone-cold killer without a conscience. How else can you explain one of the NBA’s premiere players swatting kids’ shots into next

Tayshaun Prince Finds Fountain of Youth, Dunks Over Three Defenders

Tayshaun Prince turned back the clock 10 years last night by throwing down a sick dunk over three Oklahoma City Thunder defenders. Raise your hand

Oklahoma City’s Serge Ibaka Misses Easy Layup, Houston Rockets Force Game 5

The Houston Rockets held on for a 105-103 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder to force a Game 5. The match was a bona fide

Kevin Durant Hug-Tackles Oklahoma City Thunder Fan Who Made $20K Halfcourt Shot

Kevin Durant did his best LeBron James impression last night when he tackled a fan that knocked down a half-court shot to win $20,000.

Marc Gasol’s Tip-In Steals Oklahoma City’s Thunder

OK, so it's not the sexiest game-winner you'll ever see. But slow-moving white guys need love, too. At least that's what I tell my wife. 

Oklahoma City Thunder Fan Nails $20K Halfcourt Shot

Here’s your requisite feel-good story of the day. Heath Kufahl, an Oklahoma City Thunder fan, hit a halfcourt shot last night that netted him $20,000

Serge Ibaka Punches Blake Griffin in the Nuts, Receives Light Punishment

Serge Ibaka took – and landed -- a pretty blatant shot at Blake Griffin’s nuts during today’s Oklahoma City Thunder-Los Angeles Clippers game.

Sports Links for September 5th: The OKC Maize Edition

Presenting you with some sports news and entertainment to usher in the start of FOOOOTBALL season:

Sports Links for July 2: Olympic Faceplant Edition

Here's the best from our friends in the sports world today.

Russell Westbrook Went H-A-M in Game 4

Russell Westbrook put on one of the best games in NBA Finals history last night, scoring 43 points on the Heat with a bevy of

Oklahoma City Thunder’s Game 3 Loss is Too Much for Emotional 6-Year-Old to Handle

Judge all you want, but I think this is funny. This optimistic 6-year-old loves one thing in the world and it’s the Oklahoma City Thunder.

NBA Finals: ‘Call Him KD’ May Be The Best ‘Call Me Maybe’ Parody Yet

Yesterday we posted "Young, Wild, and Heat." Not to be unfazed, a group of OKC fans countered with this gem. Despite the exhausting amount of

Dan LeBatard’s Anti-Boston Rant Doesn’t Suck

We're a few days late on this one because...well...Reggie was on vacation and we ignored it. Either way, Dan LeBatard unplugged and (sort of )

Here’s Our Official NBA Finals Drinking Game

This year’s NBA Finals has a little something for everyone. Very likeable young guns. Vilified superstars. Beards. A super-passionate small-market fan base. The people who

This is How the Oklahoma City Thunder Advanced to the NBA Finals

The Oklahoma City Thunder dropped the first two games of the Western Conference Finals. Then they woke up.

James Harden’s Clutch 3-Pointer Saved Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Thunder fell behind the San Antonio Spurs 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals. Since then, they’re playing out-of-this-world basketball, winning three straight

Watch Kevin Durant Destroy Summer League Competition in This Awesome Documentary

If you are a basketball junkie and need some more roundball action check out this documentary on summer league basketball.

Fat Chicks and Dudes Brawled at Last Night’s Spurs/Thunder Game

This is why I don't advise keeping fat chicks as pets. They tend to get irritable when you don't feed them. 

Russell Westbrook Sends Lakers Home With Circus Shot

If the torch in the NBA’s Western Conference hadn’t been passed already, it definitely changed residence last night as the Oklahoma City Thunder eliminated the

This Oklahoma City Thunder-Themed Beer Pong Table is a Beauty

By all appearances, the Oklahoma City Thunder are legit. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have a very good chance of hauling in the

Kevin Durant Hits Ridiculous Game-Winning Shot for Thunder

The NBA's top regular season scorer showed that he can also put the ball in the basket when it counts most.

Metta World Peace Knocked Out James Harden With an Intentional Elbow

Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace. And what says “world peace” more than intentionally elbowing Oklahoma

This Kevin Durant Alley-Oop to Russell Westbrook Will Blow Your Mind

Usually you have to watch out for Kevin Durant on the receiving end of an alley-oop, but don't forget that point guard for

Is Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce of ‘Mad Men’ the Oklahoma City Thunder of the Advertising World?

March Madness is in full swing and the NBA season is gearing up for the stretch run, but with the season five premiere of "Mad

Josh Smith Dunks on Serge Ibaka With Extreme Authority

Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith had no problem challenging Serge Ibaka, one of the NBA's top shot blockers, last night. The results were

Kevin Durant Dropped 51 Points Last Night, But He May Not Have Been the Game’s MVP

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge Ibaka combined for a historic performance last night during Oklahoma City's 124-118 win over the Denver Nuggets.

Thunder Guard Nate Robinson Gets NFL Tryout With Seahawks

With the NBA lockout in full effect players are starting to get antsy. Some players have hinted at playing over seas, but for

Russell Westbrook’s Monster Dunk During Game Five of the Western Conference Semifinals

First, sorry about your loss, Celtics fans. Second, Russell Westbrook's monster tomahawk dunk in the third quarter of Oklahoma City's Game Five win over Memphis