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Ohio Groomsmen Wear LeBron James Jerseys for Rare Worthwhile Wedding Photo

Ted Mosby was edited out.

Dayton Daily News Front Page Trolls Ohio State After Flyers Pull Upset

THE headline.

Police Chief Writes Hilarious Letter to Kanye West After He Compared His Work to Cops and Soldiers

David Oliver is an Ohio police chief and also the author of No Mopes Allowed, a book covering rants and other such musings of the Brimfield

This Was Ruled a Safety, So Anything’s Possible

Fans love to decry officials and claim their team is the victim of terribly unfair rule adjudication. Many times these comments are nothing but sour

Kent State’s Annual ‘College Fest’ Ends In Riots and Tear Gas

Come on, Kent State. If there's ANY college in the world that should know better than to piss off police officers, it's you guys. Saturday's

Ohio’s D.J. Cooper Almost Beat North Carolina With Half-Court Buzzer-Beater

Ohio’s Cinderella run came to an end at the hands of North Carolina last night, but the Bobcats didn’t go down without a fight. They

Videos: Pulled Sandusky, Ohio, Tourism Commercial

Two people I don't envy: Raven's announcer Gerry Sandusky and the residents of Sandusky, Ohio. Sadly, just being the home to Jon Gruden

VIDEO: Ohio High School Quarterback Heroically Hurdles Over a Defender

Here's another impressive one-hit wonder from the annals of small town high school football. This past Friday, the East Liverpool (Ohio) quarterback Marky Thompkins led

VIDEO: 1985 Pontiac Firebird Crashes into an Interstate Median at 100 M.P.H.

There's a sobering video making the rounds of a 1985 Pontiac Firebird slamming into a concrete median on I-675 outside Dayton, Ohio. According to reports,