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Greg Oden Arrested, Accused of Punching His Ex-Girlfriend

Greg Oden was arrested early this morning in Lawrence, Ind. He has been booked on two preliminary charges — one […]

OSU Football Player Shows His Body Transformation After Two Years of Working with an NCAA Strength Coach

His hair even underwent a stunning transformation.

This Aaron Craft Jersey is a Must-Have for Any “Oiho State” Fan

Great career.

Dayton Daily News Front Page Trolls Ohio State After Flyers Pull Upset

THE headline.

Dayton Upsets Ohio State on Vee Sanford’s Heroic Shot

And we're off.

This Jeopardy Girl From Ohio State Might be the Dumbest Person Alive

This is walking, talking Ohio State joke is from the gentlemen of Guyism.com, who posted it a couple days ago. Sometimes […]

Holy Crap: Is Ohio State’s Delta Gamma a Sorority or a Professional Dance Team?

The lovely ladies of Ohio State's Delta Gamma sorority warmed our icy winter hearts with their incredible recruitment video. But it gets better. As we

The Hot Delta Gamma Sorority Girls at Ohio State Drop the Best Greek Life Recruitment Video Yet

Well... This will get the bad taste out of your mouth from those terrible Duke University sorority recruitment videos. Well done, lady Buckeyes. Wifey material

The Big Ten Tried to Suspend Ohio State’s Noah Spence for a Year After Testing Positive for Ecstasy

Ohio State defensive end Noah Spence was suspended three games as a result of testing positive for ecstasy, according to his father.

Clemson Fan Holds Up a ‘Braxton Miller Wears Cargos’ Sign During the Orange Bowl

Classic Clemson... Right before sealing the deal in the Orange Bowl and upsetting Ohio State, ESPN caught a Clemson Bro holding up this "Braxton Wears Cargos"

I Can’t Stop Watching This Michigan State Locker Room Dance Party

Fantastic Vine of the Michigan State football team celebrating after toppling undefeated Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game. 

Ohio State’s Marcus Hall Gives Michigan Fans Double Middle Fingers After Being Ejected For Fighting

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is turnt as hell and this year's game doesn't disappoint. In the first quarter a fight broke out when Michigan's Royce Jenkins-Stone

This Awesome Video from Ohio State’s Mirror Lake Jump 2013 Will Make You Very, Very Cold

Andy already reported on the incredible speech one Ohio State Bro gave before this year's annual Mirror Lake jump. Here's a follow-up video that captures

Ohio State Bro Leads Amazing Charge Into Mirror Lake with William Wallace Speech

On Sunday, Ohio State announced that it would require anyone who wanted to take the traditional pre-Michigan jump into Mirror Lake to wear a wristband. (Effectively barring

There Was a Women’s Hockey Fight and Everyone Was Invited

You throw out the records when Ohio State and Bemidji State get together in women’s hockey. You also throw out all of the penalty record

How Ohio State Used Facebook and Reddit to Turn Against Its Campus’ Most Notorious Creeper

What you're about to read is a tale of "pick-up artistry" gone wrong—how one dude in Columbus, Ohio managed to single-handedly piss off an entire

I’m Shmacked Went to THE Ohio State University, Much Twerking Ensued

Don't forget the "THE." Never forget the "THE." 

The Entire OSU Football Team Hugged Grieving News Anchor After Daughter’s Death

In his first day back after a car crash killed his 21-year-old daughter, long-time Columbus CBS sports director Dom Tiberi was re-welcomed to his job in

Ohio State Bros Discover Ghost Living in Basement Was Living Human Being

A group of Ohio State students moved into a new house this year. Things immediately got weird, and not in a fun Workaholics sense. The

Why Does LeBron James Have a Locker In the Ohio State Basketball Locker Room?

I mean, I get that he's from Ohio and all. But still... You're an institute for higher education and LEBRON DIDN'T EVEN GO TO COLLEGE?!?!?! 

Ohio State University May Name Its Hospital Emergency Room ‘Abercrombie & Fitch’

If Ohio State University gets its way, the emergency room at the school's new $1.1 billion medical center will soon be named "Abercrombie & Fitch Emergency

Young Ohio State Bro Names Cancer ‘Michigan,’ Beats It

The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry tends to bring out the worst in people, but in this specific instance, it brought about some good.

Ohio State President Gordon Gee Retires After Notre Dame Comments

Ohio State president Gordon Gee was quite possibly the most famous college president in the country. He was once named the best president in the country

Michigan Footballs Are Made in the U.S.A., Not Ohio

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is intense. So intense, in fact, that neither school misses an opportunity to petulantly stick a finger into their hated rival’s

Watch Ohio State’s Mascot Get Leveled During Student Appreciation Day

About two-thirds of the way into an Ohio State scrimmage yesterday, Buckeye mascot Brutus got the chance to run a couple of plays at quarterback.

Ohio State QB Braxton Miller Has an Amazing New Hairstyle

Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller has a brand new look, and it’s a sight to behold.

Here’s the Game-Winning Three that Sent Ohio State to the Elite Eight

I made a comment to a buddy last night that Ohio State has seemed like a team of destiny this postseason. On paper, the Buckeyes

Aaron Craft Lifts Ohio State Into Sweet Sixteen With Game-Winning 3 Against Iowa State

Ohio State Buckeyes point guard Aaron Craft knocked down a three-pointer with .5 seconds remaining to crush Iowa State's dreams. It was cold-blooded.

March Madness West Region Breakdown: It’s Tough to Decide How the West Was Won

Of all the regions, the West is the most wide open in my opinion. The reasoning starts and ends with Gonzaga, the weakest of the

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee Tweeted From the Future Last Night

Never trust anyone with a bow tie.

The Ohio State Ski Club’s Trip to Aspen Didn’t Go Well

My parents always told me that I wasn’t part of enough extra-curricular groups. In my defense, I didn’t know they could be this fun.

Rate Ohio State’s New Nike Uniforms for the Michigan Game This Weekend

More highlights from the college football fashion show! Here's what the Ohio State Buckeyes will be wearing while defending their 11-0 record in final game

Ohio State VP Sends Out Email Warning Students Not to Jump in Mirror Lake

Just dropped in the inbox from a tipster, the annual tradition unlike ANY other at Ohio State: A utterly worthless email telling students not to

Don’t Vote for Mitt Romney Because He’s a Michigan Fan, Says Ad in Ohio State Student Newspaper

Ohio democrats get it. They realize talking until they’re blue in the face about the policy differences between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama will just

Guess How Much Ohio State Spends on Bow Ties

Life is good for THE Ohio State University president E. Gordon Gee. Life is probably less enjoyable for the taxpayers footing the bill for his

Let’s Watch Devin Smith’s Insane One-Handed TD Catch

The first Ohio State touchdown of the Urban Meyer era happens to be quite a memorable one. Early in the second quarter, Devin Smith landed

Watch the Ohio State Football Team Get Its Nap Time On

Pretty awesome cut from ESPN's "Ohio State All-Access." Between their two-a-days, the players on the Ohio State football squad blow up inflatable mattresses and spread

William Buford’s Buzzer-Beater Decided the Big Ten Conference Race

Ohio State overcame a 15-point first-half deficit to beat Michigan State, 72-70, in East Lansing yesterday. William Buford's fadeaway jumper with .8 seconds

Gus Johnson’s Gusgasm at the End of the Northwestern-Ohio State Game Was Delightful

It's been far, far too long since we've enjoyed a Gusgasm from the best broadcaster in sports, so here's Gus Johnson's call of

Watch Purdue’s Kelsey Barlow Destroy OSU’s Jared Sullinger with a Huge Dunk

That man you see flying through the air over Ohio State's Jared Sullinger is Purdue’s Kelsey Barlow, who destroyed him with a posterizing