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Is This Office Birthday Card Amazing, Depressing, or Amazingly Depressing?

The other day it was someone in our office's birthday. Some weird guy wearing a gorilla suit came in, upped the energy level by a

Sexual Harassment Orientation Done Right

Exactly how we conduct our sexual harassment orientations here at BroBible. Only, we bring in a few hot chicks to act out the do's and

Watch a Bunch of Hot Chicks Violently Smash Office Supplies

Don’t look down here. Look up there where the breasts and violence are happening.

The Very Best of the ‘Office Thoughts’ Meme

You know what sucks? Working. But, as a productive memeber of society, you grin and bear it, slaving away your daylight hours as a cubicle

This ‘Matrix’/‘Office Space’ Mashup Will Not Give You a Case of the Monday’s

This is why I will love YouTube until my dying day. Two movies that share the same bland, corporate, late 90's office environments—"Office Space" and

Here’s a Good Way to Get Votes: Make a Campaign Video of Models Smashing Things a la ‘Office Space’

Here's one way to stand-out from the political prototype: Be BOLD and make a campaign video with anarchist hot models demolishing office equipment