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Bored Post-Grad Bros Awesomely Recreate the ‘Office Space’ Printer Scene

Shout out to these Bros for living out every post-grad Bro's fantasy and destroying an office printer, Office Space-style.

Study: Working Extra Hard Isn’t Worth It

Bad news for serial overachievers.

21 More Power Moves You Can Pull At Your Entry Level Job

4. Try to show a coworker something on a firewalled website and then say, “Well, it worked on my computer.”

6 Common Forms Of Workplace Chatter

It's a lot like those "This is Sportscenter" commercials... 

How to Pretend to Work at Work, According to a Super Cool Old Man

Listen up, post-grad Bros: Just graduated from college and already hating the office grind? You need to listen to this man. He's dropping wisdom bombs about slacking

20 Things You’ll Learn During Your First 6 Weeks Of Work

#7 Just order the bowl at Chipotle.

How To Drink With Your Boss: A Rulebook

These rules govern the consumption of alcohol by young professionals of the 21st century and the professionals that are members of the American workforce in

This Is Why Office Secret Santas Are the Worst Thing Ever

Seriously, secret santa's are the worst thing ever. Unless you work at BroBible, where we just give each other multicolored beer bongs. The Havard Sailing Team

The 10 Most Annoying Things People Say In the Workplace

College is without a doubt the best time for a bro: A glorious 4-6 year span of pure euphoria that never seemed to end. Well,

This Note from Human Resources Is Hilarious (Someone’s Going to Get Fired Soon), Plus Today’s Fix

According to the humorless bastards down in HR, this office prank war went a few pranks too far. That's unfortunate! But seriously, tread carefully, Bro,

The Very Best of the ‘Office Thoughts’ Meme

You know what sucks? Working. But, as a productive memeber of society, you grin and bear it, slaving away your daylight hours as a cubicle

How Many of the ‘9 Worst People in the Office’ Do You Work With?

The guys at Nice Piece (who did this spot-on parody of "The Social Network") came out with a funny video today on the worst people

The 9 Biggest A**hole Moves People Pull At Work

Last week we took a look at the 10 worst people who undoubtedly pollute your office. Today, we are exploring the biggest a**hole moves people

The 10 Worst People Who Work In Your Office

‬Prior to leaving finance for the splendors of BroBible, I woke up each morning (like most of you who jockey a cube) contemplating suicide before