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The ‘Air Sex Championships’ Have Existed for Quite Awhile Now

No idea how this one slipped through the cracks, but here's a real "what the f*ck is humanity coming to" type story. The "Air Sex

Internet Tells Us Not To Bother Reading Work Emails

An article that appeared on Yahoo!'s Finance blog today found that nearly two-thirds of work e-mails are "non-essential" to business practices:

New research has found

A Snowstorm Traps Seven People In a UK Bar for Eight Days

London Snow

When I first read this headline I thought to myself, "Holy shit, I can read." And then

Two Women Arrested in Illinois for Separate D*ldo-Related Crimes

Florida Used Truck Dealership Offers Free AK-47 with Every Truck Sold

AK-47 Truck Dealership

A central Florida used car dealership, Nation's Trucks, is currently running the best Veterans' Day promotion

Australian Guy’s ‘Friend’ Tattoos Really Big Pen*s on His Back Instead of Dragon

Not the actual tattoo in question.

What would you do if your friend took a sharpie and