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The ‘Air Sex Championships’ Have Existed for Quite Awhile Now

No idea how this one slipped through the cracks, but here's a real "what the f*ck is humanity coming to" type story. The "Air Sex

Internet Tells Us Not To Bother Reading Work Emails

An article that appeared on Yahoo!'s Finance blog today found that nearly two-thirds of work e-mails are "non-essential" to business practices: New research has found that

A Snowstorm Traps Seven People In a UK Bar for Eight Days

When I first read this headline I thought to myself, "Holy shit, I can read." And then I thought, "Could you imagine? Trapped in a bar

Two Women Arrested in Illinois for Separate D*ldo-Related Crimes

Two equally handsome women from Illinois, two equally ridiculous crimes involving rigid tools of masturbation. We'll start with Carolee Bildsten (pictured left), a 56-year-old milk maid with

Florida Used Truck Dealership Offers Free AK-47 with Every Truck Sold

A central Florida used car dealership, Nation's Trucks, is currently running the best Veterans' Day promotion that planet Earth, and Ted Nugent, has ever seen.

Australian Guy’s ‘Friend’ Tattoos Really Big Pen*s on His Back Instead of Dragon

Not the actual tattoo in question. What would you do if your friend took a sharpie and drew a dick tattoo along with a message saying