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Family Finds that Deceased 80-Year-Old Man Wrote an Awesome Joke-Filled Obituary For Himself

Walter George Bruhl Jr. seems like the kind of grandfather that would teach his grandsons some necessary shit to get through life.

Children Write Must-Read Obituary Destroying Their Mother, Place It in Newspaper

Let's get real for a second: There are some moms and dads out there who are not good parents. Or good people. In fact, they

World War II Veteran Writes His Own Badass Obituary

Pennsylvania's John E. Holden killed bad guys over Okinawa, loved women voraciously, and, before he passed, penned a tremendous obituary for the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal that

The Kansas City Chiefs Killed a Man

Congratulations to this guy for having a solid sense of humor until the very end.

Dead Bro Wants You to Go See ‘Skyfall’ Instead of Getting Him Flowers, Plus Today’s Fix (29 Pics)

Man, screw flowers: What better way to honor the deceased than going to see "Skyfall"? That's what John E. "Jack" Jones of Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Man Writes Own Obituary, Comes Clean Regarding His Many, Many Lies

I haven’t put a tremendous amount of thought into it, but I didn’t know you could write your own obituary. That right there is a