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Americans: Too Fat For Body Bags


Want to hear the most depressing news ever in this country's losing battle against obesity.

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This Is What The Average Man’s Body Looks Like Around The World, And Surprise Surprise Us Americans Are Blobs


Artist Nickolay Lamm, as part of his Body Measurement Project, has taken the averages from CDC anthropometric data in order to create four realistic representations of what the average man’s body looks like around the world.


This Map Showing The Fattest States In The Country Makes Me Want To Eat A Cheeseburger


So maybe eating a cheeseburger isn't the reaction you're supposed to have when you look at this map made by the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, but hey.


What If NFL Logos Were Fat?


What if NFL logos accurately reflected America's obesity epidemic.


Fat guy explains the problems with obesity in funniest way possible


On the one hand, America does have a serious obesity crisis.


Study: People in the South not as fat as previously thought


A new study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham says that the South is not as fat as the rest of the world has made them out to be for years.

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Colorado only state with under 20% obesity


The latest Gallup Poll shows that Colorado is the most fit state in the union while West Virginia is the most obese.

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Coke’s ‘Coming Together’ fights back against obesity claims


Coca-Cola is fighting back against Fatty McFatpants with a new ad campaign meant to show that Coke isn't the enemy.

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