Look at These Bros Yelling ‘Freedom!’ at the President


The Secret Service faced the greatest threat they'll probably deal with today: bros.


Belgian Newspaper Prints Extremely Racist Picture of President Obama and the First Lady as Monkeys


  President Obama is currently in the middle of a sweeping European tour, most notably kicking Russia out of the G8.


The State of Colorado Launches ‘Brosurance’ Obamacare Ads Featuring Bros Broing Out


As a twenty-something who went a couple of years without health insurance after college, nothing makes me want to go get insured like seeing fratstars in Chubbies fist-pounding and Broing out with their Bros, throwing down kegstands and playing golf.

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Today in EXTREMELY Important Government Shutdown News


Barack Obama follows adult film star Asa Akira on Twitter.

President Obama

Watch President Obama Yell At Himself After Making a Terrible Golf Shot


The President of the United States is just like you when you botch a shot on the golf course.