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A Shoeless, One-Handed Catch Just Happened in the Raiders Game

Here's Andre Watson showing you that it ain't about the shoes. 


The Titans’ Michael Griffin Just Threw Down the Most Vicious Helmet-to-Helmet Hit of 2013 (GIF)

This is the Titans' Michael Griffin, breaking almost every rule about hitting the NFL has recently started enforcing. 

Good God Terrelle Pryor is Fast

This afternoon, Terrelle Pryor took a read-option play 93 yards for a touchdown. 


Hey, This Might Have Contributed to the Raiders’ Loss

That is what happens when you're hit with a holding penalty, a sack, a delay of game, and a second sack.


Oakland Raiders Fan Will Honor the Memory of Manti Te’o Late, Fake Girlfriend with Awesome Banner

I can't believe it's Week 5 of the NFL and someone hasn't trolled San Diego Chargers linebacker Manti Te'o for his infamous catfishing incident yet. Tonight when the

Naya Rivera Is the Best Raiders Fan Ever

Naya Rivera is the very, very attractive star of Glee, girlfriend of Big Sean, and sister of Oakland Raiders tight end Mychal Rivera. Meaning: She's

Jerry Rice Agrees With Tim Brown, Thinks Bill Callahan Sabotaged Super Bowl XXXVII

The real question is: why would anyone sabotage their chance to win the biggest title in America's greatest sport without substantial financial gain attached? I

Shockingly Enough, The Raiders-Chiefs Game Featured a Savage Fan Fight

Yesterday’s Oakland Raiders-Kansas City Chiefs game featured a grand total of zero touchdowns and five field goals. Neither team is any good and everyone knows

The 10 Biggest Dumpster Fire Teams of the NFL Right Now

Now that we’re more than halfway through the NFL season, we have a pretty good idea of what teams are really made of. And, holy

Raider Nation Holds a Wedding, And It’s Among One of the Scariest Sights You’ll Ever See

There's gangs, there's cults, there's bloodthirsty santeria taken too far, and THEN there's this wedding.  

This Photo of Raiders Linebacker Rolando McClain Getting Arrested Is Just Great

Yesterday Oakland Raiders linebacker and former University of Alabama star Rolando McClain was arrested in hometown of Decatur, Alabama on misdemeanor gun and assault charges.

This Raiders-Jets Fan Fight Is All Class

No way can we let a Monday slip by without posting some bleacher-creature brawls from this past weekend's action. Here's a dandy at

The Oakland Raiders Got Haircuts for Rookie Hazing

No the Oakland Raiders did not go to hairdresser school for free haircuts. The Raiders rookies were hazed on Wednesday at training camp with hilarious

Meet Susie, The Grandmother Who Is Also a Cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders

Bold move, Al Davis. But I would. I mean, I totally would. With my own phallus and a f*ck saw if necessary. Bio and bigger

Tony La Russa’s Daughter Is an Oakland Raiders Cheerleader

Meet Bianca Tai, the oldest daughter of legendary St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa. This little line

VIDEO: The Crowd Goes Wild When a Raiders Fan Rocks a Loudmouth Dolphins Fan with One Punch

Yesterday I posted a douchy e-mail from Pittsburgh resident Devin about his