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NYU Frat Bro Pays for Dues in Bitcoins

This. Is. NYU.

NYU Student Considered Chopping His Arm Off While Trapped Between Buildings

19-year-old NYU student Asher Vongtau spent his weekend like any other—hanging out, chillin'. You know, just stuck between a five-story parking garage and 17-story dormitory

How the Hell Did This NYU Student Get Stuck Between Two Buildings (for Two Days)?

On early Saturday morning, 19-year-old NYU student Asher Vongtau went missing. He was found two days later, stuck in between a five-story parking garage and 17-story

Bro Asks NYU Students About the Bases for Hooking Up

When it comes to hooking up in college, every Bro and Babe tends to define the bases differently. What does second base even mean these

Here’s an NYU Law Student Blasting His Neighbors on a School-Wide Email

NYU Law has a school-wide listserv that's normally used to sell furniture, trade books, and acquire signatures for whatever constitutes the Timely Petition of the

If You Attend NYU, Making Imitation Rifles In Your Dorm Room Is a Very Dumb Idea

New York City, New York State has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. As a resident here, I like it that way;

The 10 Best Profiles on NYU’s Ridiculous New Anonymous Dating Page, NYU Hook Ups

If you're over 30, you're excused for having a "Kids these days have it so EASY" attitude toward the recent online dating push. There's such

NYU Students Realize They Can Reply-All to Entire 40,000-Person Student Body, Hilarity Ensues

NYU students are calling it "Replyallcalypse" (because tech snafus should always be compared to massive disastrous events), but for anyone not involved, it's one of

Trying to Get a Girl to Friend You on Facebook? You Probably Shouldn’t Start Reddit Thread About Her

This "missed connection" popped up on the NYU Sub-Reddit over the weekend. In the middle of a stormy day in New York City, sparks allegedly

How Two NYU Bros Braved Hurricane Sandy

As Hurricane Sandy prepared to wreak her ungodly shitpunching havoc upon a defenseless New York City, NYU students were likewise preparing by purchasing gallons of

James Franco Is Being Sued by NYU Professor for Skipping Class

Maybe it's because I was all like f*ck going to law school, but I've read this over about fifteen times, and still don't really grasp

Listen to Lil B’s 80-Minute Lecture at NYU

Last night Lil B took the stage at NYU for an unscripted lecture. In the stream of consciousness speech, Based God waxed profoundly about love,

Here’s A Mini-Documentary About The Party Scene at New York University

So far, three schools have received the "I'm Shmacked" treatment: Temple, Syracuse, and West Virginia. Yesterday a fourth mini-doc*mentary dropped, this time about

Trey Parker and Matt Stone Guest Lecture A NYU Freshman Writing Class

This isn't the type of thing we'd usually cover around here, but, f-it; Once upon a time I was an English major and now I