The NYPD And Boston Police Joined Forces To Ruin The Lives Of Each And Every Seahawks Fan


There is no love lost between the cities of New York and Boston, but in the grips of another winter hellstorm, the police departments of the two cities joined forces to pour lemon salt into the wounds of Seattle Seahawks fans throughout the nation.


These Female NYPD Officers Are In Trouble For Posting Hot Selfies While Wearing Their Uniforms On Instagram


Several female NYPD officers just learned that posting selfies online is fine so long as the selfies you're posting online are not of you in your department-issued uniform.


Cops attempt to stop skaters in NYC, fail miserably


Would-be participants in a "flash mob race" called the Broadway Bomb were warned in advance that they'd be arrested if they tried to do it.


Surprise, Surprise: Barefoot Homeless Man is Barefoot Again, Also Wants ‘Piece of the Pie’


Just as this story was on it's way to viral town, I wrote a post saying that my psychotic friend has hated this EXACT homeless guy for a while because the whole shoeless act was just that: an act.

nypd scam

ATTN: NYPD Officer Who Bought This Homeless Man a Pair of Shoes, You’ve Been Hoodwinked


Along with the photo above, here's what was posted on NYPD's Facebook page a few days ago:.

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