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Exploring Off-Limits New York City

Our friends at Animal New York recently caught up with famed urban explorer/photographer 2e.

This NYC ‘Roommate Wanted’ Video Deserves a Standing Ovation


There’s a Place In Murray Hill Where You Can Play Pinball After Hitting the Bars

Scene: Murray Hill, Friday night, 1am. You've already drowned about four Natty Light pounders at Bro Js before heading to the Joshua Tree to hit

Woman Takes a Selfie While Someone Tries to Commit Suicide In the Background

After millions of years of human evolution, this is the world we live in. 

Yesterday someone threatened to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge in an apparent

27 Things to Know for Bros Living in NYC

First off, this is going to be the last installment in this series. It’s not for lack of ideas, either. I’ve got ideas for days:

BroBible’s Guide to New York City: Public Transportation

Click HERE for part 1 of the series.

New Yorkers Aren’t Wearing Condoms

In 2003, the Bloomberg administration began spending millions buying, marketing, and distributing free condoms throughout the city. New Yorkers' response to the wrapper windfall? We're good.

Rather Than Buying ‘Bottles and Blow’ for His 25th Birthday, NYC Bro Buys $600 Worth of McDonalds

... And gives it all away to the underprivileged. Here's the story, sent to us via a tipster: 

On October 8th, 2013, 25-year-old Joseph Perlson decided that

Bro Rides NYC Citi Bike Like It’s a BMX Bike, Does Sick Tricks On It

Fantastic work here by Animal New York, who recruited NYC street BMX king Tyrone Williams to see how much trick riding he could do

New York F*cking City Vs. Anywhere Else, Bitches

Listen up: Our city is The Greatest City in the World for a reason. And you're damn straight it's better than whatever BFE farmville place

Meet the Most Racist Person in New York City

This is a little bit local and political for us, but it's absolutely worth sharing. All credit goes to Complex.com's Foster

How To Not Look Like A Tourist In NYC

Coming to the city we call home? Don't look like a rubbernecking douche-stick tourist. Black stripe on the inside when you get on the subway,

I Can’t Decide If This Guy Who Threw a Rave on the Manhattan Bridge Is a Bro or a Douche

What were you doing on Saturday night? Hopefully you were partying like Stefon by YOLOing on the Manhattan Bridge to an impromtu rave on the

Man Fractures Shoulder and Sues Gym After Slipping on Bodily Fluids

If you ever needed another reason to put off that free month at Bally's your aunt insisted on giving you...

New York City’s CitiBikes are a Pain in the Ass

One thing New Yorkers love to talk about is their home-to-work commute time. Depending on where you live and where you work, getting there and

Amazing Color Footage of New York City in 1939

Back in 1939, French tourist Jean Vivier visited New York City with a 16mm Kodachrome camera. Amazingly, the film held up pretty well over the

Amanda Bynes Arrested In New York City for Allegedly Throwing a Bong Out of a Window

Uh-oh. Welcome to a new weird twist in The Amanda Show. According to reports by the New York Post and NBC New York, Amanda Bynes

Jimmy McMillan, The Rent is Too Damn High Guy, Reminds Us the Rent is Still Too Damn High

The race to fill Michael Bloomberg’s small, Nanny State-shaped shoes is heating up. Today, we’re reminded that there’s only one person truly qualified to steer

Dude Wearing Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity Sweatshirt Caught on Camera Mugging a Lady in NYC (UPDATE)

The police have yet to apprehend this coward, but he was wearing a Alpha Phi Delta fraternity sweatshirt with "Stugotz" and the number 27 under

25 Things We Hate About Living in New York City

This here is the hater’s guide to New York City. What's that you say? You love living in the Big Apple? So do we. We

Confessions of a Bartender: 10 Things Every Bartender Absolutely Hates About You

I remember the first day I stepped foot in my bar. I had just gotten laid off from the job that made me pray for


6 Reasons Your Cab Driver Hates You

If you’re a cab driver, especially in the tri-state area, you might not want to read this. There’s also a good chance Bilbo Baggins and

Guy Steals Beats Headphones Right Off a Dude’s Head In New York City Subway

Part of me thinks this is staged. Actually, a LOT of me thinks this is staged. As obnoxious as the guy's singing is, what kind

Dude Pranks New Yorkers By ‘Psssshing’ People on the Street

Turns out the people of New York City don't like to be "pssshed." Another hilarious prank video by edbassmaster, the YouTuber behind the

A Farewell to The Big East

“Basketball is the coolest shit you can do in New York City." -- Bobbito Garcia, "Release: The Jack Ryan Story."

Surprise, Surprise: Barefoot Homeless Man is Barefoot Again, Also Wants ‘Piece of the Pie’

Just as this story was on it's way to viral town, I wrote a post saying that my psychotic friend has hated this EXACT

A DIY Guide to Cheap, Easy, and Creative Stoner Foods for Broke-Ass College Students, By Eddie Huang

Eddie Huang is on the phone and I'm talking about—what else?—the gastronomical topic du jour of the New York City food world: Guy Fieri.

Crazy Timelapse Video Shows Sandy Slamming Into New York City

That bitch named Sandy hit on us on Monday night and it's still f*cking up our day here in New York City. The whole city

Bro with Giant Balls Goes Jet Skiing Through New York Harbor During Hurricane Sandy

Probably the highlight of my day was chugging Rolling Rock cans and watching this guy rip through the New York Harbor. This bro bro just

Everyone In New York City Is Freaking Out About This Crane Falling Off a 90-Story Luxury Building

If you're a resident of Manhattan, this is NOT a sight you want to see. High atop One57, a luxury condo building under construction at

Rick Springfield and His Never-Say-Die Mege Hit ‘Jessie’s Girl’ Take an NYC Subway by Storm

Awesome: Rick Springfield throwing an impromptu pop-up show in an NYC subway. Not Awesome: society's inability to experience things in the moment. Look at all

Kid Licks Entire NYC Subway Railing For One Dollar

If you live in NYC or have ever watched a hobo urinate on something, then you know just how gross a subway railing is. I'd

Woman Loses Her Sh*t, Goes on Insane Tirade on Busy NYC Street

Perhaps she was upset that her hairdresser decided to go all Miley Cyrus on her?

Racecar Drives Through the Lincoln Tunnel at a Very Casual 190 MPH

Said a Red Bull spokesperson, '"The test drive is meant to bring the world's attention to New Jersey and New Jersey's attention to Formula 1

What the F*ck Kind of Monster Washed Up in New York City’s East River This Afternoon?

I think every New York City-based blog on the planet has reported about the "monster" that washed up from the depths of

I Can’t Imagine Anything More Stupid Than an Underwater Nightclub in NYC

This is one of those made-for-Dubai ideas that needs to stay in Dubai.

The Trailer for ‘Don’t Do It In the Park’: A Documentary About Pick-Up Basketball In NYC

Summer in NYC = hoops galore. Thus, via High Definite comes this pretty awesome trailer for Bobbito Garcia and Kevin Couliau’s upcoming documentary,


‘SnackBro’ Casually Eats Potato Chips While Breaking Up Fight on NYC 6 Train

SnackBro -- a name bestowed upon him by YouTube commenters -- is an on-the-go snacker, a skilled subway surfer, and a champion of

Fanmor Presents: The Best Bars in New York City to Watch Your Favorite College Basketball Team

You’re favorite college team or Alma Mater has made it to the NCAA Tournament. The entire season comes down to one game — and you’re

Watch An Awesome Tribute to New York City

Just a great Internet short about the city BroBible calls home. It's kinda like one of the movies/slideshows everyone has to endure at the end