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Faith In Humanity Restored: NYC Waitress Gets $3,000 Tip On $43.50 Bill As A ‘Pay It Forward’ Gesture


In the era of Facebook and Twitter, it's so easy to get bogged down by the awful, sobering day-to-day news stories that pop up from around the globe: Thousands of lives lost in an earthquake in Nepal.


This Couple Has The Loudest Sex In All Of New York City, According To Complaints Registered By 311


This is where I'm supposed to puff my chest out and say, "Oh, hell no, bitch.


Uber Tries To Charge $12,000 For 35 Minute Trip From Brooklyn To Manhattan


There are times when Uber is the best thing in the world -- a couple taps on your phone from the bar and BOOM, you have a ride home for the night.


I Bet You’ve Eaten At None Of The 44 Best Restaurants In America

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Just like everything else in the world, restaurants thrive on rankings.


The Top 10 Cities For Single Stoners In The U.S. (NYC Is #2)


4/20 is the 'Rex Manning Day' of the stoner world, so today I'll be posting all sorts of weed-related content.

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This Drunk Skateboarding Taco Is Why NYC Is The Greatest City In The World


This is just something you don't see in a boring city full of lame dullards like.


This Crazy Old Man Is Terrorizing New Yorkers On The Subway With A Gigantic Dildo


When people ask me what I hate most about living in New York City my first answer is always the subway.


Cop In The E.R. Gives Two Teenage Girls Tickets For Jaywalking After They Get Hit By A Car


Aside from his relaxed take on marijuana charges, there's not a single thing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has done that New Yorkers have approved of.

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Woman Locked In Psych Ward For 8 Days, Fined $13k For Saying Obama Follows Her On Twitter…He Does

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A New York woman's ordeal began when police pulled her over and seized her car suspecting that she was stoned and culminated in her being locked in a psychiatric ward for eight days after being 'emotionally disturbed'.


Bars In New York City Are Doing Tinder Tuesday 2-For-1 Drink Specials Now


I spotted this on a walk this afternoon in the East Village.

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