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Woman Locked In Psych Ward For 8 Days, Fined $13k For Saying Obama Follows Her On Twitter…He Does

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A New York woman's ordeal began when police pulled her over and seized her car suspecting that she was stoned and culminated in her being locked in a psychiatric ward for eight days after being 'emotionally disturbed'.


Bars In New York City Are Doing Tinder Tuesday 2-For-1 Drink Specials Now


I spotted this on a walk this afternoon in the East Village.


20-Somethings In NYC Read The Last Text They Got From Their Ex


People who don't live in New York will never understand how "UGH" dating in New York actually is.


This Guy Fell Asleep Rolling A Joint On The Subway And The Photo Is Outstanding


A Redditor posted this photo of a tired fella on a NYC subway who was so exhausted, he couldn't even finish rolling his joint.


Philanthropic Man Makes Craigslist Post Offering To Rate The Boobs Of All NYC Women For Free


A good samaritan who has dated 'models and strippers' has taken to Craigslist to offer up his philanthropic services to all the women of New York City.


There’s A Massive Sex Party In NYC For Elite People This Weekend, So You’ll Know Where To Find Me


If you're living in New York City and you're currently short on plans for Saturday night, why not pull yourself together and go to Killing Kittens first ever NYC sex party with the city's elite.

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The Cast Of ‘Mad Men’ Were Each Required To Watch These 10 Movies Before Filming


Today marks one month until the 'Mad Men' final season premiere, and the show's creator Matthew Weiner has begun dropping trivia bombs on fans across the nation.


New York City’s Most Expensive Rental Is $500K/Month ($16,438 Per Night)


New York City has always been a playground for the wealthy, with rents so astronomically high the middle class is inched out each year.

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New York’s Hottest Fight Club: A Bunch Of Nerds Fighting With Medieval Swords And Shit


New York City is home to the '1% of weird', and this latest fight club is proof of that.

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