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Bored? Watch a Compilation of Tremendous Nutshots

We may think of ourselves as cultured, but everyone—EVERYONE—laughs at a nutshot.

The Nutshot to End All Nutshots (GIF), Plus Your Best Links of the Day

"That's gotta hurt" is a severe understatement here. via. Don't forget to Follow BroBible on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google Plus.

Bored? Check Out Another Ultimate Nutshots Compilation

Moments before my Internet mentor died, he looked at me with his cold, half-dead eyes and said, "Dickbags sell, Dickbag." To this day, that is

Last Night the Rays’ Dan Johnson Hit a Homerun That Hit Some Guy in the Balls

Sweet motor skills, Bro. This is how I picture most baseball analysts who never played the game would react if a ball was

VIDEO: The Ball-Busting Women of Cinema

FilmDrunk's video editor, Oliver Noble, slapped together a mash-up of women hitting men where the sun don't shine in the movies. This epic collection of