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The Miami Heat Beat the Brooklyn Nets But Lost Their Testicles


Pitcher’s Pickoff Throw Decimates First-Base Coach’s Nuts

Apparently this video is almost a year old. How this bit of hilarity eluded us for so long is a mystery. What’s more clear is

Rugby Player Loses Testicle, But Not His Sense of Humour

It takes a big man to sacrifice a testicle for the sport he loves. It takes an even bigger man to not only finish the

Imogen Thomas Is Still Busty and Beautiful

The boys at Brosome got their hands on some new shots of Nuts model Imogen Thomas today, and the cover girl brings the heat in

The Nuts Magazine Hot Shots Calendar 2012 Video is Something to Behold

That is, if you like watching broads with huge, barely clad, tits firing machine guns and lightly fondling themselves. And if you really

Sophie Howard and Holly Peers Give Us a Sneak Peak of the Nuts ‘Big B**b’ Issue

It's that most wonderful time of the year again! One of our favorite British lad magazines, "Nuts," is back with its semi-annual "Big Bood Issue."

What’s Up with this Texas A&M Defensive Lineman Grabbing a Nebraska Tight End’s Junk?!

Here's the most flagrant violation of man code you'll see all week. On Saturday night Texas A&M defensive lineman Tony Jerod-Eddie got grabby at the

NSFW: Sophie Howard Goes Topless and Teaches Us Our ABCs in Nuts

We can't let an entire week ago without an appearance from a Nuts girl. So here's Sophie Howard getting topl*ss and providing an A to