Umpire Paul Nauert Took A Fastball To The Groin, Probably Loves His Cup


The Kansas City Royals continued their winning ways with an extra-innings victory over the Los Angeles Angels last night in Game 1 of their American League Division Series.


If You Needed a Reason Why You Shouldn’t Hit Your Friends In the Nuts for Fun, Let This Be It


Guys have been rocking other dudes in the ballbag since the advent of time.

nut shots

100 ways to attack the groin (ladies, please do not watch)


Other than showing women about 50 more ways to hurt men in the groin than they already knew, this video is actually quite useful.

nut shots

Here’s a GIF of Kam Chancellor Blasting His Seahawks Teammate Earl Thomas in the Nuts


The Seahawks-Saints game just ended in the worst way imaginable -- with time left on the clock Marques Colston tried to go all Music City Miracle on everyone by throwing the football halfway across the field instead of running out of bounds.


Bro Does Backflip Off Baseball Scoreboard on to Fence, His Nutsack Absorbs the Entire Landing


Walking away from that requires balls of steel or a complete lack of genitalia.

Ramon Sessions

Dwyane Wade May Have Intentionally Kicked Ramon Sessions in the Balls Last Night


Although they helped me learn that the capital of Thailand is Bangkok, nut shots are the FUCKING WORST.

sports injuries

Bored? Check Out the Worst Nut Shots in Sports Compilation


Here's an air-tight argument as to why we should wear cups when we sport.

Thabiso Nkoana

This is a soccer player getting kicked in the genitals


A game between the Orlando Pirates and SuperSport United included this devastating shot to the testicles.

nutshots in sports

The 20 best nutshots in sports: 2012 edition


The nutshot feels like your sides are being ripped from your body.

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