Horniest Guy Ever Got Trolled Into Drawing Animals In Exchange For Nudes When He Accidentally Texted A Wrong Number


We’ve all had that moment where you text someone about how “Holy shit I’m so horny I feel like I’m going to die help,” except you send it to the wrong number and you immediately want to die from embarrassment because now your Grandpa knows that you’re feeling frisky.

the fappening

New Hacked Celebrity Nudes Are Going For $350 A Pop Online, With 47 New Celebs Poised To Be Leaked Soon


We all know what happened with the leaked celebrity nudes and 4chan, but now that 4chan’s gotten buttfucked over the whole thing where are people going in order to get their naked picture fix.

hot girls

Hot Model Joy Corrigan Is Suing Apple Over Hacked Nudes


Hot model Joy Corrigan says she was hacked months before Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence.


Apple Says the Celebrity Nude Leaks Were NOT Obtained Via an iCloud Security Flaw


There was a lot of back-and-forth over the weekend amongst the tech geeks of the world about how a hacker could have possibly obtained access to Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton's iPhone's to leak their nude pictures.


No Big Deal, But the NSA Has Been Looking at the Nudes You’ve Been Sexting People


Hey, you know those "for-your-eyes-only" nudes you keep sexting your sexual partners.

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