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It’s National Nude Day so here are 10* female celebrities being naked


As model Hilary Rhoda was so kind to point out, today is National Nude Day, so I thought the best way to celebrate was to take a look back at every time we've featured a sexy female celebrity naked since the beginning of June.

sexiest videos of 2014

‘Allure’s annual naked issue features Kristen Bell and three other hot celebs


Knowing a good thing when they have it, Allure came out with their annual issue where they get famous celebrity women to get naked and, well, I don't know what else they do because, naked.

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25 sexy celebrities who have posed nude for PETA


The other day PETA came out with yet another sexy video featuring a beautiful woman getting nude to help promote their cause.

Playboy covers

Unwrapped: The 66 sexiest celebs to take it off for Playboy


It's officially December and that means two special occasions are growing near: 1) Getting to unwrap some presents soon, and 2) Lindsay Lohan's spread for Playboy being published (which coincidentally also happens to count as part of the first occasion).