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Take a Wild Guess Where the URL Cocksuckers.org Takes You (SFW)

Cocksuckers.org, redirecting you to the NSA website since...hopefully forever.

The NSA Also Kept Tabs on What Muslims Jacked Off To

Have you ever been in the middle of a heated debated with a friend and just wanted to blurt out "Yea, well you jack off to

10 Ways the NSA Spies on You

So much for being the Land of the Free. Damn, NSA, you scary. 

Ex-Porn Star Sasha Grey Has a Sexy NSA Recruitment Commercial

You guys! Ex-porn star Sasha Grey has come out of retirement to film a hilarious new commercial for the NSA. Check it out... 

This Is the Amazing Life Whistleblower Edward Snowden Left Behind

Edward Snowden, who leaked the news that the NSA has monitored our emails in a program called PRISM, made over $200,000 a year. He worked in