kentucky wildcats

Kentucky Fan With Patriots Tattoo Hilariously Melts Down Several Times During Elite Eight Game


  This excitable fella lives in the rare part of the Venn diagram where the New England Patriots and Kentucky intersect.

march madness 2015

Notre Dame’s Demetrius Jackson Went Full Harlem Globetrotter On A Fantastic Assist


  Notre Dame has its hands full with plucky Northeastern, but guard Demetrius Jackson is doing all he can to make sure the Irish avoid an upset.


Northwestern Football Players Celebrate More For Free Chick-Fil-A Than Upsetting An Overrated Notre Dame


On Saturday night the Northwestern football team upset a once highly ranked Notre Dame.

naval academy

SHOTS FIRED: The Naval Academy Trash Talks Notre Dame In This Epic ‘Anaconda’ Spirit Spot Parody

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The US Naval Academy's spirit spot trash-talking game during football season is one of my favorite things on YouTube.

lisa ann

Darren Rovell Is A NARC, Tweets Notre Dame’s Sexual Code Of Conduct RE: Justin Brent Sleeping With Lisa Ann

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Every Bro in the world is collectively high-fiving Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent about maybe/probably sleeping with porn star/college football fan Lisa Ann.

college football

Notre Dame WR Justin Brent Took A Selfie In Bed With Porn Star Lisa Ann


Remember the photo above that we showed you of Lisa Ann sitting on the lap of Notre Dame’s Justin Brent.

college football

Here’s Proof The Entire Country Hates Florida State


You're not going to believe this, but people from around the country posted angry messages in the wake of Saturday night's big Notre Dame-Florida State game.

fight videos

Syracuse Bro Delivers Devastating KO To A Notre Dame Fan In MetLife Stadium Brawl

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New Jersey's Metlife Stadium doesn't see a lot of college football action.

Notre Dame

Brian Kelly Rode a Horse Into Notre Dame’s Practice


No rule that says horses can't play football.

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