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Ever Wonder What Surge and Other Gross Sodas Taste Like in 2014?

Surge was awesome back in the day.

The Ultimate Guide to Dirty Jokes Hidden Inside Cartoons

Turns out Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, and Dexter's Laboratory were WAYYYYYY raunchier than you ever thought as a kid.

Want to Feel Old? ‘Little Big League’ Is 20-Years-Old Today

Little Big League is 20-years-old today, which should make you '90s children feel old

I Hate Everything About the Stupid ‘Girl Meets World’ Theme Song

The theme song is a raging dumpster fire, just like everything about the stupid Girl Meets World Disney Channel re-boot.

The Six Greatest CD-ROM Games of Your Childhood

CD-ROM games became popular right in the heart of the Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis era.

The First Trailer for the ‘Boy Meets World’ Spin-Off Hits the Internet and You’ll Hate Yourself for Watching It

I have no idea why I watched this, but I hate myself for it.

COWABUNGA, DUDE: Watch the First Trailer for Michael Bay’s ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’

Bodacious! Bitchin'! Gnarly! Radical! Totally tubular, dude! Wicked! Hellacious! COWABUNGA!

Photos of the Abandoned Set Of Nickelodeon’s ‘Hey Dude’ Will Make You Nostalgic and Sad

Earlier today, J.Camm and I got to wondering about what ever happened to the cast of Nickelodeon’s  Hey Dude! After a […]

29 Facts That Will Make You Feel Very, Very Old

If you're an 80s baby, these facts are going to make you feel old as shit. The Rugrats are in their mid-20s now and probably

’90s Nickelodeon Shows That Could Never Work Today

It was a great time to be an American during the 1990s, especially if you had cable television. In one lap of channels, you could

Anyone Else Remember These 30 Athlete-Sponsored Food Products?

If you've never had Kurt Warner's "Crunch Time" cereal, you haven't lived. 

Tom Hanks Played ‘Chopsticks’ on a Big Piano Again

Man, when Tom Hanks played that piano thing with the old man in Big, you really believed life was magic. Then you grew up and

The 90s In 90 Seconds

BRB, watching Ace Venture, Pet Detective the rest of the afternoon.

4 Things From Your Childhood That Have Sadly Lost Their Luster

Everyone loves to talk about how great Goldeneye is... But have you played it recently? 

All of 1993’s Greatest Jams in One Epic 19-Minute Mix

1993 was a fantastic year. Michael Jordan helped lead the Chicago Bulls to the NBA Championship over Charles Barkley and the Phoenix Suns. Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys

25 Reasons You Know You Grew Up In The 90’s

Here's a trip down memory lane for all of us 90s kids...

5 Things From This ‘32 Facts About The Class Of 2017’ List That Just Blew My Old-Ass Mind

I'm going to say something that truly makes me feel very, very old: I can't believe how young a high school's freshman class is. I

17 Things You Hated As A Kid But Love As An Adult

#1: Naps. I hated naptime with a vengeance as a child. You know how much better life would be if I could just crawl into

This Is What ‘Wild & Crazy Kids’ Host Omar Gooding Is Up to 20 Years Later….

Still wild and still crazy... And now Omar Gooding is trouble with the law! 

Power Ranking the 25 Best Cereals from Childhood

Me and the Cap't, making it happen.

Beloved Kid From Famous Sports Movie Arrested For Headbutting, Kicking Cop

To everyone’s great surprise, Tom Guiry did not skyrocket to Hollywood fame after his amazing turn as Smalls in The Sandlot. This proves life is

10 Bro Jams That Can Now Be Considered ‘Throwbacks’

The nostalgia curve works in mysterious ways. Now three years removed from the 2000’s, it’s easy to see that we’ve progressed

30 Terrible Trends Of The Early 2000′s

Frosted tips were just the worst.

Scientifically Accurate ‘DuckTales’ Will Kill Your Childhood

Ducks are assholes?

This Piano Player Reprised the Battle Music from Pokemon in Pretty Incredible Fashion

This will give you great flashbacks--of clawing tooth and nail to beat Brock's Onyx, of bumbling around on the S.S Anne, and of spending hours

(Pretend to) Relive the 80’s with This Awesome ‘1986’ Nostalgia Compilation

The 80's are grossly important to the education of any Bro. It was the decade where the movement arguably got started, with people making big-time

‘90s Island Is the Greatest Throwback Website of All Time

Are you a shameless nostalgia whore like me? Of course you are, you Michael Jordan-loving, Janeane Garofalo-hating, unironic-Charlotte Hornets snapback-wearing Bro Bro. Therefore, I'd like to

This 8-Bit Music Video Is a ‘90s Nostalgia Overdose About Why Growing Up Sucks

In a way, I'm super sick of the overblown and overwrought '90s nostaglia wave that the Internet's been obsessed with since 2008. I don't think

10 Things That Aren’t from the 90s, You Idiots

Take a seat with your stupid generation Y nostalgia humblebrag. 

This 19 Track Mashup Celebrating 35 Years of Video Game Music Is Pretty Tremendous

According to the good folks at Ithaca Audio, "Space Invaders," released in 1978, was the first video game to include a continuous soundtrack. Since that

5 Things We Need to Stop Feeling Nostalgic For

We've evolved for a reason, dumbasses...

24 Facts That Will Ruin Your Childhood

The one about Toy Story, when you think about it, is extremely disturbing...

Bored? Check Out This ‘Stuff You Had in the 90s’ Compilation

The bowl cut brought a tear to my eye. What can we do to bring that back into style? Something tells me the answer unfortunately

7 Reunions That Need to Happen Before I Die

Ah, post-Winter Break Facebook stalking, nothing beats it (besides post-Spring Break Facebook stalking). Each year I look forward to the perusal of freshly uploaded bikini

‘Nintendope: A Brief History of Nintendo’ Recaptures the Glory of Old with an Awesome Remix Video

This is fresh off tha stove from "Reverse Engineas," a digital creative agency that specailize in audio/video resequencing, which is a fancy way to say

‘Network Head’ Explains Why MTV No Longer Plays Music Videos

What happened to MTV? Well, we did. 

‘Retro’ is OK: Why There’s Nothing Really Wrong with Today’s ‘90s’ Binge

Everyone loves the 90's. Is it time we get over ourselves?

Here’s an Awesomely Trippy Music Video Celebrating 20 Years of Cartoon Network

The Biggie to Nickelodeon's Tupac, Cartoon Network is in the midst of celebrating 20 years of slacker-fostering toonage. In what seems to emobdy the image

‘Nostalgia Makes Sh*tty Things Seem Good’ is the Best Damn Song You’ll Hear Today

I guess the writer and singer of this song, Mike Hadge, finally dug up that time-capsule he buried when he was ten. Look, a few

Kids From 1995 Explain Why You Should Get the Internet

Seventeen years ago, the internet was a much simpler place. Kids used it to chat on instant messenger and adults used it to, well, look