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VIDEO: Norwegian Cops Are Just Delightful

Scandinavian culture at its finest.

Norwegian Student Who Bought 5,000 Bitcoins as a Goof Is Now Nearly a Millionaire

Three years ago, Norwegian student Kristoffer Koch was procrastinating when he read an article about bitcoins, an unregulated online currency that was a new concept at the time.

The ‘Tiny Car, Big Horn’ Prank is a Winner

A bunch of Norwegians went around town trying to get people to poop their pants. It was time well spent. 

Dudes Pull Off Awesome Bungee Jumping Prank at Bachelor Party

This prank from Norway puts all the so-called pranks we’ve posted over the past few months to shame. At soon-to-be groom was tricked into this

Morning Feakshow: Guy Willingly Does More Than Skate on Thin Ice

Being alive, disease free, and owning all your limbs just isn't enough for some people. Take this Norwegian guy, for instance. He's another

VIDEO: BASE Jumpers Tumble Through the Sky Towards Eikesdalen, Norway’s Mirror Lake

This video, dating back to April 2010, is perhaps some of the most stunning BASE jumping footage ever caught on camera. These guys take a