marlon moore

Watch Northern Illinois Safety Marlon Moore Make A Jaw-Dropping One-Handed Catch While Doing A Backflip


  There are several sports going on right now, battling for public attention.

northern illinois

Monster Dunk Brings Down Backboard, Almost Decapitates Central Michigan Player


Look, I love wacky MACtion as much as the next guy, but I think things are getting a little too extreme out there in the Midwest.

broken buzzer

Most Annoying Sound In The World Delays Bowling Green Basketball Game For 10 Minutes


Last night's Northern Illinois-Bowling Green basketball game was delayed for 10 minutes while a broken buzzer committed sound terrorism on everyone's ear drums.

Northern Illinois mascot

Here’s a dog celebrating a Northern Illinois touchdown with a high-five


Northern Illinois scored a touchdown and their mascot, a husky named Diesel, gave someone a high-five.


Grandma Roots for Iowa, Can Take a Beer Bong Down Like a Champ


Iowa squeaked by Northern Illinois, 18-17, on Saturday at Chicago’s Soldier Field.


Running Over Band Leads to Felony Assault Charge for Northern Illinois Football Player


Running over members of the Toledo band cost Northern Illinois linebacker Jamaal Bass three games this season, but that may not be the end of his problems.

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