christmas cheer

North Korea Wants To Bomb South Korea’s Christmas Tree


Definitely the responsible, adult way to handle the matter.

weight lifting

Some Guy From N. Korea Just Broke The 56-kg Clean And Jerk World Record By Putting Up Exactly TRIPLE His Bodyweight


Om Yun Chol of North Korea has just broken the 56kg Clean-And-Jerk world record when he put up exactly TRIPLE HIS BODY WEIGHT at the 2014 WWC in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

kim jong un

So, Kim Jong-un May Be Killing Himself By Eating Too Much Fancy Cheese


Is there any story out of North Korea that you wouldn't believe.

North Korea

Dennis Rodman Says He’s Done Going to North Korea


Rodman said he would not return to North Korea if his "pure motives" were roundly questioned again.

scat parties

Dennis Rodman’s Hotel in North Korean Was a Shit and Piss-Filled Wonderland


Remember when Dennis Rodman was forcibly removed from the entire country of North Korea after attempting to serve as a self-appointed peace ambassador for the United States.

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