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This ‘Satirical’ Video Of Obama Kicking Kim Jong Un Around Was Enough To Make Kim Jong Demand It Be ‘Taken Down’

Someone doesn't understand how the Internet works.

Who Needs Stoppage Time? North Korea Already Won the World Cup (According to North Korea)

They're good.

Kim Jong-Un Is Stepping up His Crazy Dictator Game, Forcing All Men to Cut Their Hair Like His

Either he's lost is mind or... no, he's lost his mind.

Dennis Rodman Says He’s Done Going to North Korea

Rodman said he would not return to North Korea if his "pure motives" were roundly questioned again.

Every Single North Korean Voter Voted for Kim Jong Un Yesterday


Dennis Rodman’s Hotel in North Korean Was a Shit and Piss-Filled Wonderland

Remember when Dennis Rodman was forcibly removed from the entire country of North Korea after attempting to serve as a […]

Dennis Rodman Sang a Terrible Rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman sang "Happy Birthday" to his BFF and chronic basic human rights abuser Kim Jong Un today. Thankfully, he resisted the urge to go

Bro With Balls Smokes Pot in North Korea

Color me surprised. Weed is perfectly legal in North Korea. 

The Latest Video from the North Koreans is Predictably Insane

You’re going to want to see the latest from the North Koreans. This is video of Almighty Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un “supervising” a drone attack.

Bills WR Stevie Johnson Encourages North Korea to Aim Its Bombs at the New England Patriots

North Korea seems pretty intent on setting the wheels in motion to bring about the Apocalypse. People are rightly stressed about the threat of all-out

Hilarious North Korean Propaganda Film Says Americans ‘Eat Birds’ and Drink ‘Hot Snow’ as Coffee

No one was a big fan of the last North Korean propaganda film that leaked to the public. You may remember its vivid representation of New

Dennis Rodman Will Return to North Korea to Fix Everything Again

Former basketball great and professional attention-seeker Dennis Rodman attracted some more attention yesterday when he announced plans to return to North Korea in August.

Check Out the Special Edition ‘North Korean NBA Jam’, Starring Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman

So get it while you're here, boy. Cause all that earth gon' get all nuked next year, boy. 

U.S. Diplomat Dennis Rodman Is Returning to North Korea to Broker a Peace Deal

Today, the UN unanimously approved a new series of sanctions against North Korea, after the militant country threatened to launch pre-emptive nuclear strikes on the

Daughter of Google Chairman Gives Amazing Info on the Weirdness of North Korea

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt just got back from a two-week trip to that closed-off place very, very few of us will ever see—North Korea—to