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Nina Agdal In Yoga Pants? ALRIGHTY THEN

Hey, you know what's cool? Nina Adgal rockin' yoga pants like the ultra hottie she is. Yay.

Nina Agdal’s Workout Video Shows She’s Stronger–And Sexier–Than You

It's okay. You can admit it.

Nina Agdal Posted a Video of Her Friend Twerking and Who Are We Not to Share?

America's foremost aggregator of Nina Agdal's Instagram account.

Nina Agdal’s Latest Photo Shoot Is Pretty See Through-y

As in, like, you can see things.

Nina Agdal Squishing Her Boobs Together Makes For a Perfect GIF

It really does.

This Is a Great GIF of Nina Agdal Getting Felt Up

While wearing an open bathrobe.

Nina Agdal’s Latest Selfie Involves Her in a Bra and a Car

Car-bra? Bra-car?

Nina Agdal in Classy Bikinis Is All the Classy Hotness

(We don't know why Nina Agdal makes us talk like 1920s gangsters.)

Watch Nina Agdal Play Basketball in Short Shorts

Nina Agdal's Instagram account continues to melt eyeballs...

This Nina Agdal Instagram Video Is as Sultry as It Gets

What we wouldn't give to date her?

These Videos of a Scantily Clad Nina Agdal Playing Basketball Are a Treat

You are gonna want to watch.

This Is Not a Link to a Naked Cell Phone Picture of Nina Agdal (Wink Wink)

It's not. I swear.

It’s Nina Agdal’s 22nd Birthday. Celebrate by Watching This Video of Her Modeling Bikinis

Just because it's her birthday, doesn't mean you can't have a present.

Nina Agdal Shows Off Her Handbra In Furnace-Hot Video

Last month Editorialist magazine put Nina Agdal on the cover holding her boob, thereby ensuring we'd all hear of Editorialist magazine.

Nina Agdal Is Just Killing Us With These New Bikini Shots

Nina Agdal and Beach Bunny has long been a magical combination.

Please Enjoy the Hottest Instagram Video Ever Taken of Nina Agdal

Dead. We're all dead.

Do You Like Sexy Videos of Nina Agdal Eating Sandwiches?

Of course you do! It was a rhetorical question, really. Who DOESN’T like videos of Nina Adgal eating sandwiches? That’s why […]

Nina Agdal’s ‘SI’ Swimsuit Video is as Hot as You’d Imagine

Can we squeeze one more day out of SI Swimsuit coverage? Do you mind? Here’s cover girl Nina Agdal doing […]

This GIF of Sochi’s Pedobear-esque Mascot Blankly Staring at SI Swimsuit Models Needs to Be in Your Life

I don’t know what else to say other than this is the best thing ever. [Via @CorkGaines]

Nina Agdal Is Hot and Topless on the Cover of ‘Editorialist’ Magazine

Ever heard of Editorialist magazine? Me neither. But they have Nina Agdal on their cover, holding her boob and looking […]

Of Course Nina Agdal, the Hottest Girl on the Planet, Is in the ‘Entourage’ Movie

To the delight of Bros everywhere, the Entourage movie started shooting this week. Sports Illustrated supermodel Nina Agdal Instagram'd a pic of her hanging out with Adrian Grenier on

Nina Agdal Is Spearfishing in a Thong Bikini, You Guys

Nina Agdal, a spear gun, and Beach Bunny swimwear. Let's not overthink this. Happy new year!

Nina Agdal Gets Wet and Wild in New Bikini Pics from Sauvage Swimwear

The year 2014 isn't quite here, but Sauvage Swimwear acts like it anyway. And new bikini shots from Nina Agdal are always welcome. (Once again, we

Topless Nina Agdal? Topless Nina Agdal

Hit the Nina Agdal alarm. Everyone's favorite Dane is wearing Calvin Klein lingerie, and it's hawt. Does feel a little weird to see her off

Nina Agdal in a Bikini, Because Nina Agdal’s in a Bikini

Nina Agdal alert!

Nina Agdal in Beach Bunny Swimwear Is Always a Good Decision

We're not sure why NIna Agdal just reminded us of Sam Adams, but there it is in the headline. Anyway, Ms. Agdal just posed in

88 Seconds In Heaven with HOT Bikini Model Nina Agdal

She is perfect. Absolutely perfect. I would bet 1:100 odds Nina Adgal lands the cover of next year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Maybe even 1:1000.

Nina Agdal Bikini Pictures? Nina Agdal Bikini Pictures

Looking at new Nina Agdal bikini pictures is a bit like hearing God say, "Well done, my most wondrous creation." 

Nina Agdal In Swimwear Is Summer Perfection

A few weeks ago, Nina Agdal—who's making the strong, strong case to be named World's Hottest Supermodel—released a video in LeMar swimwear. It was wonderful. 

This HOT Video of Nina Agdal Proves She’s the Girl of the Summer

When Nina Agdal advertises something we watch. We learned that lesson with Carl's Jr a long time ago. So even though we've never heard of

Nina Agdal Brings the Heat of an Incan Sun God in These New Pictures

We pride ourselves on being the K.U.N.N.—your one-stop source for Kate Upton news—but Nina Agdal is right up there with our favorite model. She is

Well, Here’s a Picture of That High Schooler Who Went to Prom with Nina Agdal

(Alert: Angry screed ahead. I'm sorry, but this stuff has irritated the sh*t out of me for two months.) 

Nina Agdal Looks Stunning in These Brand-New Bikini Shots

Thank you, Penti Swimwear, for this wondrous gift: New shots of Danish beauty Nina Agdal in a bikini. Agdal is one of our Sports Illustrated

13 Photos of Nina Agdal in Lingerie, Because You’re Good to Us

Sure, it's not that Carls Jr. commercial. Nothing will ever beat that Carl's Jr. commercial. But Ms. Nina Agdal posing in Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie

Here’s Nina Agdal Smoldering in a Behind of the Scenes Video of Her Super Bowl Carl’s Jr. Ad

Odds are good that Nina Agdal will become a household name (if she isn't already) this Monday after her Super Bowl Carl's Jr. ad runs.

Here’s the Smoking Hot Nina Agdal Showing Why She Should Get the SI Swimsuit Cover This Year

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is coming soon. It's time to start the speculation for who gets the cover photo—will it be Kate Upton again?

A HOT GIF of Nina Agdal Getting Sprayed Down, Plus Today’s Best Links on the Web

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These 20 New Photos of Nina Agdal May Be the Hottest of the New Year

Nina Agdal is one of our favorite Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models. In fact, we'd even bet on Nina making the cover of the 2013 issue.

Here Are Some Dangerously Angelic Pics of Nina Agdal


Nina Agdal Looks Sexy as Ever in New Photoshoot

Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year Nina Agdal is one of our favorite hotties at BroBible, and the model has a great new set of