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It’s Nina Agdal’s 22nd Birthday. Celebrate by Watching This Video of Her Modeling Bikinis

Just because it's her birthday, doesn't mean you can't have a present.

This Week’s Hottie Index is WAG Heavy

Before we jump into the ladies worthy of this week’s Index, I’d like to issue a public service announcement. American Apparel thought it would be cool to

Nina Agdal In Swimwear Is Summer Perfection

A few weeks ago, Nina Agdal—who's making the strong, strong case to be named World's Hottest Supermodel—released a video in LeMar swimwear. It was wonderful. 

This HOT Video of Nina Agdal Proves She’s the Girl of the Summer

When Nina Agdal advertises something we watch. We learned that lesson with Carl's Jr a long time ago. So even though we've never heard of

Here’s the Smoking Hot Nina Agdal Showing Why She Should Get the SI Swimsuit Cover This Year

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is coming soon. It's time to start the speculation for who gets the cover photo—will it be Kate Upton again?

Sports Illustrated’s Nina Agdal Is Not Unattractive (9 Pics)

We've already named Nina Agdal our Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year, and here's more evidence why.