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Here’s What All the Nike Golfers Will Be Wearing at the 2014 PGA Championship

Valhalla here we come!

You’ll Never Believe How Much Money Nike’s CEO Mark Parker Made Last Year

Ever wonder how much money Nike’s CEO makes? Well: Hold on to your hats. Nike is wrapping up its fiscal year […]

Reviewers on Amazon Troll Seller Who is Trying to Sell These Nike’s For $1,600, Their Efforts Are All For Naught

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... is really applicable when it comes to these shoes.

This Derek Jeter Tribute Video is Extremely Cheesy, So Why Do I Feel All Emotional?

Hat tip.

This Guy’s Nike Swoosh Beard is Blowing My Mind

Humans do things.

Nike Unveils 5 New Colorways for the KD7s

Can I interest you in a little shoe porn on this lovely summer Friday?

Nike Made a Statue of Rafael Nadal Out of Red Clay, Presumably So the Internet Could Photoshop Dicks Into His Mouth

You can't release a photo like this and expect anything less.

Here’s What All Nike and Adidas Golfers Will Be Wearing at the 2014 U.S. Open

Uniform porn!

Nike’s World Cup Commercial is the Best Thing on the Internet Today

This rules.

Nike’s LeBron 11 ‘South Beach’ Are Officially Unveiled

LeBron is one tacky mother fucker.

Shoe Designer Releases Nike Concept Cleats for Johnny Manziel, They’re Hot

Now that Johnny Manziel has his team he needs a set of cleats so when he takes the field for the Cleveland Browns, or backs

Nike’s Draft Day Ad For Johnny Manziel Pretty Much Says, ‘Yeah, He Could Be a Bust’

Are we wrong in concluding that that is the message here?

Nike Unveils the New Everglades-Themed LeBron 11s

Shoe porn.

Nike’s New World Cup Commercial is Pretty Badass

You don't sell the soccer, you sell the sizzle.

Washington Huskies Unveil New 2014 Nike Football Uniforms

Nike just unveiled the Washington Huskies new football uniforms for 2014 and, on a Five-Fap scale, I think they get […]

Nike Unveiled the New Jordan XX9′s Today

The Nike Air Jordan XX9. Coming at ya hot!

Facts About Nike You Need To Know

  Phil Knight was going to call Nike “Dimension 6″ back in the day. We’re glad he didn’t…

Nike to Sell Marty McFly’s Self-Tying Power Laces in 2015

I’m not fat right now, but chances are the older I get the more fat and out-of-shape I’m going to […]

Pimp Sues Nike After Curbstomping John For Non-Payment

An Oregon pimp is suing Nike for $100 million after beating a man for failing to warn him that their shoes could be used as weapons. 

Here’s the Nike Gear Players Will Be Wearing at This Year’s Super Bowl

Is this uniform porn? Is this not uniform porn? I don't know. I'm torn, you guys. Technically, it's not. But when I saw those gloves,

The Girl Runner Who Drew the Giant Penis Using the Nike+ App Did One of a Vagina Too

The runner girl that drew a giant, 100-plus yard dong on a football field using the Nike+ app is back with another work of art.

Nike’s Air Max 90s Had Sex With Its Lunarlon Technology, 9 Months Later These Beasts Popped Out

A NEW TWIST ON AN OLD CLASSIC! Not everyday that I get to use Guy Fieri's words to describe something, but when I do...BOY, I

Tiger Woods’ Niece Cheyenne Woods Recreated His Famous Golf Ball Juggling Ad

If you didn't know, Tiger Woods' niece, Cheyenne, is also a professional golfer. After graduating from Wake Forest in 2012, she turned pro. Yesterday, clad in

The 21 Coolest College Football Uniforms of 2013 (So Far)

Years ago, NCAA football uniforms were used as a way of distinguishing between players and teams. 

Nike Wrote LeBron James a Poem, Because Reasons

Prepare to be moved, or something, because Nike just dropped Rubber City Soul, a poem dedicated to LeBron James. It's just beautiful. Hell, I haven't

LeBron James’ New Nike Commercial Is Prettay Prettay Good

It seems like forever ago when we all banded together to hate LeBron James because of the decision. We subsequently picked apart everything he did with his life,

Do You Think Kevin Durant’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Inspired Shoes Really Look Like PB&J?

So yeah, these look like Los Angeles Lakers shoes WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (too many Y's?) more than a delicious Peanut Butter (crunchy, not creamy) and Jelly (a

Nike’s New ‘Just Do It’ Commercial is Fucking Awesome

Is that Bradley Cooper talking? No matter. I really dig this commercial. Love it's positive, forward thinking. And that's unusual for me because I spend

Tiger Woods Looks Super Athletic in His New Nike Commercial

Tiger Woods and some other golfers will compete for the U.S. Open title this week. Nike, being the smart brand they are, decided to release

Nike Unveils This Weekend’s Super Bowl Uniforms, So You Can Coordinate Your Outfits Accordingly

I guess they're "dropping" these as their way of preparing us to be underwhelmed. I see no difference between these uniforms and what either team

Nike Releases Photos of the 2013 Pro Bowl Uniforms

These are badass. But they would still have to be a thousand times more badass to make me ever want to watch the joke that

Casey Neistat’s ‘Do More’ Video for Nike Will Make You Crave a Kick-Ass Adventure in 2013

Remember this video filmmaker Casey Neistat made about grabbing life by the balls? It was awesome. Now that Nike's Fuelband is on the market, Neistat filmed

Don’t Think For One Second Oregon Is Going to Lose an Awesome-Uniform Contest

OK. Maryland’s new uniforms are pretty crazy. I’ll admit that. But there is one standard bearer for insane kits and that is Oregon.

Nike Unveils the New KD V’s, Complete with Video of Kevin Durant Doing Kevin Durant Things

Cool shoe, cool dude. 

Do You Like These Cork-Infused LeBron James Shoes?

LeBron James waited a long time to pop champagne and celebrate his first championship. Nike, on the other hand, wasted no time making shoes to

University of Oregon Unveiled Their 2012 Football Uniforms and They’re Not a Complete Eyesore

Oregon's football program has been the trend-setter and pace car for this new generation of ever-changing, envelope-pushing, and usually grotesque-looking college football uniforms. Long before

Check Out These Nike Air Max 1s in White, Blue Glow, and Volt

We love keeping you apprised of the hottest summer kicks and today we have these Nike Air Max 1s in an ideal color pallet for

Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Collection is Looking Pretty Filthy

Of course, if you don't like these colorways you can always go create your own regualr Air Max 90s at Nike ID. A red, white

Golfer Wows All With This Amazing Trick Shot

Looks like Tiger has a challenger to yet another throne. Is this better than Wood's legendary golf ball juggling ad? Sound off in the comments. 

This Cartwheel-Dunk Combo Is Just Divine

On Friday, Nike will release the Nike Hyperdunk+. So, as a little promo, The Swoosh hired Jus Fly to demoe the new kicks at LA