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Vegas Club Promoter Texts Bachelorette Saying Her Party Can Be Comped If There Are No ‘Whales or Hippos’

I can't believe how polite this chick remained. I would have been like, "Dude, kill yourself," if I were her.

8 Reasons Why the Club Scene is Horribly Exhausting

Her birthday party is WHERE?!?!

This NY Businessman Got BANNED From Monaco Because He Beat The Shit Out Of A Prince In A Nightclub

Yeah, not the best move.

A Look Inside ‘Marquee,’ Las Vegas’s Most Popular Nightclub

GQ has a crazy article today on the behind-the-scenes world of Marquee, which you've probably at least heard of if you've been to Vegas lately.

This Honest Nightclub Flyer is Depressing

What's with everyone being honest when it comes to ads these days? I want to be deceived. I want to be hoodwinked. I want to