Nicolas Cage took the most WTF picture in the history of the Internet


Just when you think Nicolas Cage can't possibly top himself he goes and appears in perhaps the most amazing, mind-blowing photo ever taken.

Nicolas Cage

This Bro Knows How to Governors Ball


In a ridiculous crowd, this man still stands out.

nicolas cage trivia

Everything you ever need to know about the world’s greatest actor, Nicolas Cage


The Internet obsession with Nicolas Cage is one of the most logical web trends ever to take place, because he is in fact the world's greatest living actor.

World's Most Overpaid Actors

Very few surprises on the World’s Most Overpaid Actors of 2013 list


In what should come as a shock to no one with a functioning brain, Adam Sandler tops this year's list of Forbes most overpaid actors.


STOP EVERYTHING: There’s a New Website That Puts Nicolas Cage’s Face On Every Instagram Selfie


Let me get this straight: Anytime someone takes a selfie on Instagram, Feeling Cagey automatically updates it with a Nic Cage's face.

who is Nicolas Cage dating

Ranking the hot hookups of Nicolas Cage


With news last week that someone had allegedly stolen sex photos of Nicolas Cage I thought there could be no better time to see what his alleged dating history looks like.

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