Nick Offerman Has Had ENOUGH Of All This ‘Manscaping’ Nonsense


Nick Offerman appeared on 'Conan' last night and once again the subject quickly turned to pubic hair.

nick offerman

Nick Offerman’s Answer To ‘Will You Build Your Own Casket?’ Was Pure Freaking Gold


In a recent interview with Maxim Magazine, legendary Bro-King Nick Offerman was asked about his woodworking skills and how that might play in to his preparations for the afterlife.

Tonight Show

Nick Offerman Gave Out Sage Advice To College Freshmen Regarding Roommate Pubic Hair


Nick Offerman made an appearance on The Tonight Show and joined in on Fallon's "Suggestion Box" by providing some sage advice to college freshman who run into a classic little problem regarding roommates and pubic hairs.

Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman Sings Song Called ‘Pussy and Weed’ on ‘Conan’


Evidently, this is the key to getting your movie into Sundance.

Parks and Recreation

Ron Swanson Teaches How to Grow His Moustache


The man behind the best moustache in prime-time television, actor Nick Offerman (better known as Director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department Ron Swanson), tells you how to grow his signature 'stache.

voice over movie

Lake Bell gives her top 5 trailers featuring ‘In a World’ voiceover


Lake Bell is a big fan of Don LaFontaine saying, "In a world.

Russell Brand

‘Paradise’ trailer features Julianne Hough and Nick Offerman sans mustache


The trailer for Diablo Cody's Paradise features a mediocre looking Julianne Hough and a bald and terrifyingly mustacheless Nick Offerman.

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