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The Kroll Show Nails It With How Philly and Pittsburgh Kind of Can’t Stand Each Other

This week on “The Kroll Show,” Nick took a couple of jabs at how Pennsylvania’s two biggest cities love beefing […]

The 9 Biggest Female Rich Dicks in America

Last week, we covered the 9 Biggest Rich Dicks in America in honor of Comedy Central's hit TV show, Kroll Show -- Tuesdays at 10:30/9:30c.

Skyping with Nick Kroll’s Bobby Bottleservice Will Take Your Career to the Next Level

Nick Kroll's sketch comedy extravaganza, "Kroll Show," starts next week at 10:30 on Comedy Central, right after "Workaholics." As long time fans of Kroll's pre-Ruxin

Jerry Jones Negotiates with Taco on ‘The League,’ and It Is Predictably Absurd

Great sneak-peak from FX's Fantasy Football adventure, 'The League.' For the October 11th Season 4 premiere, it looks like the gang has found themselves in

Nick Kroll Shares a Terrifyingly Hilarious Story About Sh*tting His Pants

Last night, "The League's" Nick Kroll came onto "Conan" and before Conan could ask him any of the typical questions hosts often ask comedians --