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This Many Hot Chicks In One Place Is What I Like to Call a ‘Bonfire,’ Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

"How was the pool party last night?" "Bro, you missed out. Total bonfire." Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

Might Be My Favorite Article of Female Clothing Ever, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

I love the way it covers barely anything. Just a perfect piece for every girl's collection. (Note: By "every girl" I mean girls in the

Someone’s Got a Little Captain in Her, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Oh yeah, love that captain pose, really lets her air it out. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

I’m Lead to Believe She Owns the Cadillac of Vaginas, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

What do you think: Cadillac on the outside, Oldsmobile on the inside? Toss up from where I'm sitting. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

At Least We Know She’s Great With Balls, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

She can hold them, but how is she with gargling? Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

She Wants Peace and I Want Her, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Bobby likey! Enjoy the talent, Bros

Someone Didn’t Account For Her HUGE Breasts When She Bought That Sweater, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

In her defense, I hate it when chicks wear clothes that don't appear to be painted on. Too much imagination involved that way. Enjoy the