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25 Hottest Photos of Girls in Yoga Pants for the Week of July 19, 2013

It's about 1000 degrees outside, so don't overheat when you feast your eyes on all these hot girls in yoga pants

25 Hottest Photos of Girls in Yoga Pants of the Week

HOT GIRLS WEARING YOGA PANTS! Oh yes. Why look at just girls, when you can look at girls in yoga pants?

Might Be My Favorite Article of Female Clothing Ever, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

I love the way it covers barely anything. Just a perfect piece for every girl's collection. (Note: By "every girl" I mean girls in the

This Chick Wins for Best Bathing Suit EVER, Plus the Weekend’s Top Talent

Shark is on his way to MOTORBOAT CITYYYYYY! Enjoy what's left of the weekend, Bros.

What the Hell is this Chick Wearing? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

She looks like a court jester. But those tits are no joke. Enjoy the talent, Bros.

Assterpiece Theater: The Virgin Islands I’d Like to Visit, Plus Tonight’s All-Ass Top Talent

I've decided that every hump day we're going to honor humps. It's only fitting. So with that, I give you Assterpiece Threater: Volume 1. 

Milk-Soaked Boobs, Girls Photographing Themselves, and One Hot Ass in Tonight’s Top Talent (26 pics)

We're introducing an ass into tonight's top talent. Just one, though. If you play nice with it, we'll start doing a hot ass list twice