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30 Reasons Why We LOVE Yoga Pants is Tonight’s Top Talent

We found these gems over at The Yoga Pants Farm Facebook page and there are plenty more where these came from. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

There’s Just Something About a Hot Girl With Tattoos, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

What a smoke she is. GAWD! Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

Paying Our Respects to Hot Girls Photographing Themselves in Tonight’s Top Talent

The self-shot is an old classic that's not old at all. They keep takin', we keep lookin', and the world keeps turnin'. No complaints here.

What. An. Ass. Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

I thought I was looking at two grey pumkins when I first saw this photo. Plump! Enjoy the talent, Bros.

This Devil Woman Can Tell Me My Business, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

You see what I did there? Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

This Many Hot Chicks In One Place Is What I Like to Call a ‘Bonfire,’ Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

"How was the pool party last night?" "Bro, you missed out. Total bonfire." Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

Someone’s Got a Little Captain in Her, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Oh yeah, love that captain pose, really lets her air it out. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

It Cannot Be a Coincidence That Her Name Is Lacey Banghard, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Sometimes the stars align and you're blessed with a suggestive name, like Lacey here or Rusty Kuntz, Misty Hyman and the holy trinity of Dicks:

Hottest Darth Vader Ever? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

I don't know, the force is strong with this one... Enjoy the talent, Bros!

She’s Really Getting Me Into the Holiday Spirit, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Oh, how I love the holidays. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

She Wants Peace and I Want Her, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Bobby likey! Enjoy the talent, Bros

This Chick Wins for Best Bathing Suit EVER, Plus the Weekend’s Top Talent

Shark is on his way to MOTORBOAT CITYYYYYY! Enjoy what's left of the weekend, Bros.

Looks Like She’s Almost Ready to Make Me Happy, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Just one more button. Get it. Get it! Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

What the Hell is this Chick Wearing? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

She looks like a court jester. But those tits are no joke. Enjoy the talent, Bros.

This is Far and Away the Hottest Slob I’ve Ever Seen, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

She is an angel. She is a saint. She is my Dorothy Mantooth. And if I weren't lactose intolerant I'd love to clean that dairy

I Think We’d All Love to Be This Chick’s Co-Worker, Plus This Weekend’s Top Talent

WHAT. A. DIRTY. FOX. Enjoy what's left of your weekend, Bros.

That Railing is the Greatest Thing to Ever Happen to Her Boobs, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

You see, ladies, most of you don't need an expensive lift or a reduction, you just need a sturdy railing to hold your tits up

Paulina Gretzky Is Apparently an Obama-Hating Republican, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

I knew I liked her... Now, I think I might love her.  Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

Is There Anything Better Than a Hot Girl In a Kitchen? Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

Answer: No, no there is not anything better than that. Enjoy the talent, Bros. 

These Big Ass Boobs Will Take Your Mind Off Hurricane Sandy, Plus the Rest of Tonight’s Top Talent

This Sandy slut is starting to ruin my day. So naturally I've turned away from the fear mongering news broadcasts for a while and gave

Naughty Girl Catches Herself Being Naughty, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

It's Friday night. Hopefully these beauts will get your engine rev'd up for this evening's festivities. Or maybe, for some of you, fapping to them

The Best Use of a Reading Lamp Ever, Plus Tonight’s Top Talent

I love a broad that knows how to shed some light on a situation. And THAT is quite the situation. What an ass -- she

This Chick is Exceptional at Squatting, Plus The Weekend’s Top Talent (21 pics)

I know what you're thinking and yes, Boatshoe did a fantastic job picking these photos. I'm an amazing talent. I think I'll take the rest

If You’re Going Out Tonight Do Your Best To Find a Chick Like This, Plus Your Top Talent

She. Looks. Hungry. I think I love her. I know she'll use me, treat me like garbage, and throw me to the curb worse off