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Is This the New Greatest Picture of Nic Cage Ever?

This picture is everything: Nic Cage hanging out with Andrew Dice Clay backstage at a Guns N’ Roses concert in […]

Simon Helberg’s Nic Cage Impersonation is Freakin’ Hilarious

And so is that face he's making. Long live screen grabs.

Once You Inject Nic Cage Into a Classic Movie You Wonder How They Ever Succeeded Without Him

Nic Cage is the Bac-Os of actors. Don't believe me? Watch this. It's like going back, changing the past, and making it so much fucking

This Is What Nic Cage Looks Like on an Airplane

This was posted on Reddit a day ago. The question is: Better or worse than that amazing 9 a.m. picture from the Las Vegas liquor

This Is What Nic Cage Looks Like Coming Out of a Liquor Store In Vegas at 9 AM

Ouch. Rough night, Nic? Has "Leaving Las Vegas" basically become a self-fulfilling bio-pic? Brutal look, Bro.

Girl Awesomely Sends Prospective Employer Picture of Nicolas Cage Instead of Her Resume

Some real gold here. Having written countless cover letters embellishing my "diligence," "motivation," and other loose terms that make us all seem like a bunch

Watch Nic Cage’s Son (Weston Cage) Get Beat Up By His Own Personal Trainer

Despite the bloody beat-down, which apparently left the Crow in the hospital, I have to admire the personal trainer's dedication to his client's fitness. According