habs fan blows chunks

Let’s Watch This Habs Fan Puke All Over Himself


Last Wednesday, the Montreal Candiens took on the Ottawa Senators at the Bell Center.


Sidney Crosby Wears A GoPro Camera To Show Off His Amazing Stick Handling Skills


In the latest "On the Ice" NHL video by GoPro, you can take a closer look at the amazing talent of Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby.


Dallas Stars Players’ Epic Valentine’s Day Prank On Mothers To Do The Unthinkable


Winter is full of landmines for guys that have been dating the same girl for a long time.

alexander ovechkin drunk

Alexander Ovechkin Drank At The NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft, Was Highly Entertaining


In an attempt to stay relevant, the NHL has instituted a fantasy draft where captains pick their teams for the All-Star Game.

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