The Tampa Bay Lightning Played A Spectacular Game ‘Blades Of Steel’ On Their Rink


  Any list of video game greatness that doesn't include Blades of Steel is invalid.

putin on ice

Of Course Vlad Putin Scored 8 Goals In A Hockey Game Against Former NHL Players


Russian dictator Vladimir Putin recently took a page out of the late Kim Jong Il's North Korea dominance playbook by performing exceedingly better than he is actually capable of, while playing a game of hockey against a lineup of former NHL players in an exhibition game.

pittsburgh penguins

The Discovery Channel Absolutely DESTROYED The Pittsburgh Penguins On Twitter Today


The Discovery Channel doesn't have time for the Pittsburgh Penguins' friendly banter on Twitter -- Discovery plays to win.

salty old timers

Old-Timer Rangers Fan Explodes On Fans Behind Him After His Teams’ Game 7 OT Win


You really gotta be going through some shit if you can't let bygones be bygones after one of the greatest moments in New York sports recent history.

washington capitals

The Secret To The Washington Capitals’ Playoff Success? They’re Kissing Each Other


  The Washington Capitals stole home-ice advantage from the New York Rangers last night thanks to Joel Ward's last-second goal.

jarret stoll

Erin Andrews’ Boyfriend NHL Player Jarret Stoll Arrested For Cocaine And Molly Possession In Vegas


The Los Angeles Kings didn't make the playoffs, so Erin Andrews' hockey player boyfriend Jarret Stoll headed to Vegas for some fun in the desert this weekend.


Busty Brazilian Blackhawks Fan Ana Braga Made The Breast Victory Celebration Video EVER


Brazilian-born Playboy Playmate Ana Braga is a diehard Chicago Blackhawks fan.

hockey injuries

Red Wings’ Drew Miller Took A Skate To The Face And The Damage Was NASTY


Detroit Red Wings' forward Drew Miller took a skate blade to the face from the Senators' Mark Stone during a face-off Tuesday night.


The Los Angeles Kings Ice Girls Also Shot A Bikini Calendar That Was Pretty Special


Tis the season for cheerleaders and ice girls alike to be shooting their annual bikini calendars.

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