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Boston Bruins Goalie Tuukka Rask Was Almost Blindsided by an Octopus in Detroit

Close call.

The Montreal Canadiens Have Taken Pregame Introduction to a Whole New Level


A Bro Dressed Up as Jesus for the Bruins Easter Sunday Game

Mama taught me that it's not polite to talk about religion or politics with strangers...

Joel Quenneville Grabs His Junk While Arguing a Call

Aww, nuts!

New York Rangers Fan Gets Rick Nash Tribute Shaved into His Head, Wins Playoff Tickets

Nice hair.

Playoff Hockey Hype Video Will Hype You Up for Playoff Hockey

Chicken skin.

Map Shows What Team Your State Is Rooting For in the NHL Playoffs

Get those playoff beards in fine shape, Bros. It's time for HOCKEY.

You’ll Get Some Feelings Watching Teemu Selanne After His Last Ever Regular Season Game

After 22 NHL seasons, one of the best players ever is hanging up his skates.

Get Excited for the Stanley Cup Playoffs with This Pump-Up Video

The NCAA Tournament is in the rear view, but arguably the best month in sports continues.

Sidney Crosby Was Smacked in the Face by a Linesman, Went Down


Brooks Orpik Knocked Out Jonathan Toews With a Massive Hit


Boston Bruins Honor Fallen Firefighters With On-Ice Tribute


Matt Stajan Dedicates Penalty Shot Goal to Fallen Newborn Son


Watch a Zdeno Chara Slapshot Decapitate a Poor (Now Dead) Goalie

Sure, it’s just an ad for Warrior and not IRL, but it’s nonetheless fun to watch. And it could happen, [...]

VIDEO: This Incredible Hockey Save Was Not Made By a Hockey Goalie

This, Vancouver, is what happens when you trade away ALL your goalies.

Minnesota Wild Reporter Takes a Stick to the Face, Hangs in There

In the face.

Beer-Holding Father Tries to Shield Daughter’s Eyes During Hockey Fight

Innocence lost.

Toronto Maple Leaf Delivers Devastating Hit on Toronto Maple Leaf

Friendly fire.

Chicago Blackhawks’ Michal Rozsival Punched a Referee in the Face

In the face.

Jonathan Toews Scored a Magnificent Goal at Snowy Soldier Field

Snow angel.

Yinzers Are Going to Lose Their Shit When They See Marc-Andre Fleury’s New Goalie Mask

Things Yinzers love: Putting fries on turkey sandwiches, fetishizing ketchup factories, bragging about how Mac Miller went to their high school (or rival high school)...

Which NHL Player Is Probably Slipping One Through Julianne Hough’s Five Hole?

While his NHL pals are on the verge of possibly winning a gold medal, Washington Capitals alternate captain Brooks Laich [...]

Patrick Kane Honored His Dead Grandfather In a Really Cool Way, Breaks Down After Game

Yesterday was a tough one for Bro king Patrick Kane. Just a couple minutes before taking the ice for last [...]

Well, This Hockey Brawl Started About as Fast as a Hockey Brawl Could Possibly Start

Is "as the puck is being dropped" quick enough for you?

Detroit Red Wings Score Most Blatantly Illegal Goal Imaginable

The men paid to watch last night's Los Angeles Kings-Detroit Red Wings game took their eyes off action for ONE SECOND and look what happened.

This Hockey Fight Is an Argument for and Reason Against Fighting in Hockey

This is the San Jose Sharks' Mike Brown and the Washington Capitals' Aaron Volpatti beating the absolute piss out of each other. 

Patrick Kane Scored a Mind-Blowing Own Goal

The Chicago Blackhawks were on a delayed power play last night against the Edmonton Oilers when Patrick Kane passed the puck ... into his own

The Sabres’ Ryan Miller Had the Save of the Year This Afternoon

The Washington Capitals and Buffalo Sabres were tied at one in the waning minutes of the third period today.

The Penguins’ Marc-André Fleury Made a save with the Back of His Head

This is like the exact opposite of butt fumble.

World’s Toughest Hockey Player Injures Himself Hugging Teammate

Hugging is dangerous. Let's ban hugging. 

How To Be A Hockey Player: The Epic Video Every Puckhead Will Love

This is maybe my new favorite thing ever. YouTube channel IFHT and Hockey Community put together this 29-step guide to becoming a hockey player, which includes talking about your flow, saying

Watch the Buffalo Sabres Win with the Butt Goal, Maybe the Most Bizarre in NHL History

From the makers of the Butt Fumble, it's the Butt Goal! Glorious gluteus guffaws! Hours of viral entertainment! 

People Are Still Dressing Up as Green Man from ‘It’s Always Sunny’

Follow me on this one. 

Jarome Iginla’s Finger is Disgusting

Say what you want about fighting in the NHL, but if it went away we'd be robbed of awesome images like this. 

Red Wings Goalie Petr Mrazek to Wear Extremely Childish Pads for Outdoor Game

These cute little snowmen will be worn by a professional hockey player and not on the sweater of someone's overbearing, minivan-driving mother. Perhaps the least

The New York Islanders Will Wear These Jerseys for Their Yankee Stadium Game

The New York Islanders will play the New York Rangers at Yankee Stadium on Jan. 29. This will mark the first time the Islanders have

Nashville Predators Made an American Pride Video After Beating the Toronto Maple Leafs

The Nashville Predators beat the Toronto Maple Leafs in a regular-season hockey game before the All-Star break so it’s only natural that they made a

Reto Berra Makes NHL Save of the Year With Amazing Bicycle Kick

For those of you without an RSS feed set up for Calgary Flames goaltender Reto Berra, I humbly present this amazing save from last night.

Norwegian Hockey Player Celebrates Win With Ridiculously Long Dance

In sports, you’re supposed to “act like you’ve been there before.” But doing what you’re supposed to do isn’t fun. Dancing is fun.


Steven Stamkos Suffered a Nasty Leg Injury After Colliding With Post

Tampa Bay Lightning center Steven Stamkos suffered what looks to be a serious injury minutes ago against the Boston Bruins. Watch – or don’t watch –