What It’s Like To Be An NFL Prospect For a Day


For the past week, the future of the NFL has assembled together in freezing Indianapolis in hopes of impressing scouts, coaches and front-office people for the biggest job interview that a college kid could ever have.


Adidas Promised $100,000 To The Athlete With The Fastest 40 Time At The Combine, But They’re Not Paying Up


Prior to the 2015 NFL Scouting Combine Adidas (pronounced 'AH-DEE-DAS') announced they would be offering up a $100,000 prize to the three fastest athletes in the 40-yard dash, if those athletes agreed beforehand to sign with Adidas and endorse their shoes.

bill maher sacks the nfl

Bill Maher Blasts NFL On Their Weed Ban, Domestic Violence Issues And Pete Carroll


Real Sports have replaced Bryant Gumbel's opening monologue with video segments from various HBO’s comedic personalities.

dez bryant

Here’s The Full Police Report Of A Woman Allegedly Being Dragged From Dez Bryant’s Car


The Dez Bryant story just took another twist as the full report from the City of Lancaster, Texas police department has hit the Internet.

dallas cowboys

A Career-Ending Video Of Dez Bryant Is Being Shopped Around, Described As WORSE Than The Ray Rice Video


Remember how when you were little your parents would keep you from hanging out with certain kids in the neighborhood.


All 32 NFL Team Helmets Were Redesigned AGAIN, And They’re So Fucking Ridiculous They Just Might Work

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Last week, Deeyung Entertainment shared their NFL helmet redesigns with the world.

cleveland browns

The Cleveland Browns Unveiled A New Logo And You’re Going To Want To Sit Down For This


The Cleveland Browns finally unveiled their new logo after teasing the public into a frenzy.

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