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Linebacker Suffered a Stroke While Playing, and Now His Career Is Over

Football is a super-brutal game.

Minnesota Vikings Guard Josh Samuda Suffered a Nasty Ankle Injury

Good God.

LeSean McCoy Thinks His 2-Year-Old Son is a Better Quarterback Than Tim Tebow

Future GM.

Aldon Smith Arrested After Alleged Bomb Threat at LAX

Not great.

Johnny Manziel Reportedly Scored the Highest Wonderlic Score Of All NFL Draft-Bound QBs


The Eagles Release DeSean Jackson, Rumors Swirling That He Is Allegedly Tied to the ‘Crips’ Gang

I'm so glad I didn't buy that Djax jersey a couple of years ago.

The NFL Has Banned Crossbar Dunking

Knock it off.

Mark Cuban Drops the Hammer, Says NFL Is 10 Years Away From Imploding

CUBEZ had a strong take on the NFL during a pregame conversation with reporters last night.

Johnny Manziel Can Dunk

Mr. Basketball.

Kid Who Cried Over Steve Smith Got to Meet Steve Smith

Happy ending.

Cancer-Beating Bro Mark Herzlich Talks NFL, Perseverance, and the Perks of New Jersey

Real American hero.

Steve Smith Is Going to Destroy the Carolina Panthers Next Season

Steve Smith is insane (in a good way) and he's going to make Carolina pay.

Chicago Bears Offensive Lineman Kyle Long Really Wants a Dip RIGHT NOW


Johnny Football—Excuse Us, Mr. Football—Signs Lucrative Multi-Year Deal with Nike

Johnny Football™.

Brett Favre is Just a Gray Mound of Muscle Now


All 32 NFL Team Uniforms Were Redesigned AGAIN, This Time by a Talented Designer

Oh, these are good...

It Was Triceps Day for Bill Belichick and Girlfriend Linda Holliday

Bill Belichick owns one shirt?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Have New, Wildly Aggressive Uniforms

In your face.

J.J. Watt’s Workout is More Intense Than Your Workout

Oh, he lifts, Bro.

Everyone Is Talking About Michael Sam’s Dick at the NFL Combine

Everyone = MediaTakeOut.com, home to the greatest internet click-bait headline of all time, and Deadspin, who posted this MediaTakeOut screencap with [...]

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Have a New Logo

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a new logo and it looks a lot like their old logo, only slightly better. [...]

Dallas Sports Anchor ABSOLUTELY OWNS the NFL For Their Reaction To Michael Sam Issue

In the recently published Sports Illustrated piece about Michael Sam’s announcement that he’s gay, anonymous sources within the league said [...]

J.J. Watt Is Decent At Hockey But Let’s All Act Like This is Shocking News

You’re never going to believe this but a professional athlete is good at sport different than the sport he’s paid [...]

Jon Stewart Teed Off On NFLers Who Aren’t Accepting of Michael Sam

That’s a great screen grab ( I know) and Stewart makes kind of a good point in this video — [...]

And So It Begins…Here’s a Video of Michael Sam Dancing Shirtless to ‘Rock With You’ at a Gay Bar in Missouri

We know what you’re thinking and we, too, are shocked that Missouri has gay bars. We’re not shocked that this [...]

Missouri Football Player Michael Sam Comes Out, Could Be the First Openly Gay NFL Player

Huge, historic news from the football world. On Sunday Missouri All-American DE Michael Sam came out in interviews with ESPN, [...]

What If NFL Team Logos Were Mixed With Famous Corporate Logos?

These days, you can’t go even a month without someone mashing NFL logos into with something else. Anything else, really. [...]

Here’s Marshawn Lynch Slinging Skittles to Seahawks Fans

The Seahawks had their victory parade this afternoon, and Marshawn Lynch brought his best face warmer to the occasion. He [...]

Richard Sherman Destroys a Troll on Twitter

Rule number one of the Internet: Don’t feed the trolls, unless you’re Richard Sherman and just won a Super Bowl [...]

What If All 32 NFL Teams Had ‘Star Wars’-Themed Helmets?

  The end of football season always puts me into a tailspin of depression. It begins when college football ends [...]

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Los Angeles Football Fans How Tom Brady Did in the Super Bowl

The latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie-Witness News” features people from Los Angeles talking about Tom Brady’s performance in the [...]

Read Over 1,000 Text Messages Between Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin

Holy crap this is some good reading via our friends at The Big Lead. Heads up, they talk about partying, drinking, and chasing women A LOT,

This Frank Caliendo Mockumentary on Richard Sherman Is Very Funny

We've known Frank Caliendo is ocassionally grinding on pregame shows—but has always remained an amazingly talented impressionist. This fake 30 for 30 on Richard Sherman's outburst, though, is next-level


9/11 Truther Crashes Malcom Smith’s Super Bowl Press Conference to Say 9/11 Was an Inside Job

These are the types of things that happen when you have the Super Bowl in New York City, a place where you have to be

Eli Manning Is the Saddest Broncos Fan Ever

Eli Manning face made an appearance at the Super Bowl. Most despondent look ever. But do you think secretly he's happy that he has more

The 14 Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows Ever

The Super Bowl halftime show has become the biggest event of the entire day.

Former NFL Player Says Teammates Smoked Pot Before Super Bowl

Brendon Ayanbadejo has never had a problem speaking his mind. 

There’s a 6-Foot, 1,200-Pound Ice Sculpture of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in NYC Right Now

Leave it to Americans to erect a 1,200-POUND ice sculpture of loathed NFL commissioner Roger Goodell just to see if he'll melt. 


Bro Surprises His Seahawk Fan Mom with Super Bowl Tickets; Our Hearts Are Warmed

Mike Harris' mom has been a Seahawks fan since the '70s. In 1983, she planned on going to Sea-Tac airport to welcome the team during its

Marshawn Lynch Is ‘Just About That Action, Boss’ On Super Bowl Media Day

The not-much-for-words Marhshall Lynch gave an AMAZING interview to Deion Sanders on Super Bowl Media Day. I LOVE Beast Mode's attitude here. What the fuck is there