2015 super bowl

Marshawn Lynch Talked To The Media After His High School Football Games And It Was Goddamn Fantastic


YouTube Marshawn Lynch's interaction, or lack thereof, with the media has been the second biggest story of the two weeks leading up to the 2015 Super Bowl.

rob gronkowski

Reporter Asks Rob Gronkowski Why Everyone Cares About His Partying, Gronk Goes Full Gronk


Reporter: "Gronk, why do you think everyone cares about you going out and partying, having a good time.

coolest players

The 50 Coolest Football Players in NFL History


Sports media loves nothing more than debating the NFL’s greatest players, but to hell with that noise, we’re here to talk about what really counts: the NFL’s coolest players ever.

roger goodell

6 Times Roger Goodell Looked Like He Was Holding In A Queef


Sometimes even a man as strong a Roger Goodell might quuef.


DeflateGate Update: NFL Vigorously Investigating Patriots Locker Room Attendant


If you have a functioning brain, you've anxiously been awaiting the moment some low-level New England Patriots employee falls on his sword and accepts blame for DeflateGate.

key and peele

Key & Peele Give Us Their Super Bowl 49 Picks, Show How Ridiculous NFL Analysts Can Be


Comedy Central's Key & Peele have an unmatched gift for lampooning all things related to football.

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