cam newton

Young Carolina Panthers Fan Torches Cam Newton, Has A Bright Future In The Hot Take Industry


  An elementary student wrote a scathing op-ed about Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton for his school's newspaper.

atlanta falcons

Atlanta Falcons Fined $350,000 And Lose Draft Pick After Pumping Artificial Crowd Noise In Stadium


The Atlanta Falcons will lose their fifth-round draft pick on top of being fined $350,000 by the NFL for pumping artificial crowd noise into the Georgia Dome during home games in 2013 and 2014.

tom brady

Tom Brady Caught On Film Attacking Kids, May Have Disease Borne Shaking Symptoms


Every man is entitled to a vacation, to some time to rest and recharge.


The Eagles Had A Locker Room Push-Ups Contest With 265-Pound Connor Barwin Sitting On Players’ Backs


In these videos things seem a lot less hectic in the Philadelphia Eagles' locker room than they appear based on national media attention.


Wal-Mart Just Gave Us Its Final Answer On The Infamous And Supposedly Career-Ending Dez Bryant Video


We all read the full police report of a woman allegedly being dragged from Dez Bryant’s car that surfaced last month, and we’ve seen the police video where Dez Bryant’s mother reveals that he “roughed her up” and “threatened to knock her out” back in 2012…but where’s the career-ending video.

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