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NFL QB’s Talking Trash on Facebook: The Pre-Season is Over Edition

The NFL season officially kicks off TONIGHT. 

NFL QB’s Talking Trash on Facebook: Mark Sanchez Goes Down, Rex Ryan Goes Nuts

Eleven days till the NFL season officially kicks off. But the Bros at Pro Football Mock are already in mid-season form with their

NFL QB’s Talking Trash on Facebook Returns! The Fantasy Draft Edition

ProFootballMock is doing God's work once again because everyone's favorite thing from the 2012 NFL season is back again for 2013: NFL Quarterbacks Talking Gratuitous

NFL Quarterbacks Talking Trash on Facebook: Draft Edition

Sooooo, the jokers at Pro Football Mock pulled a fast one on us and released another pre-season edition of NFL quarterbacks talking trash on

HOLY SH*T: NFL Quarterbacks Talking Trash on Facebook is Back!

Our favorite part of the week during football season, that didn't include the actual games, is back! It may only be for one measly fucking

‘If NFL QBs Were Facebook Friends’ Discusses the Midseason MVP Race, Tony Romo Being Terrible

Some more great stuff churned out from the dudes at Total Pro Sports. This week the NFL QBs set their sights on the