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The NFL Conference Championship Weekend Picks Need No Buildup

Things couldn’t have worked out any better for the NFL this weekend. You couldn’t have picked better games for them based on which teams made

There are Rematches Aplenty in the NFL Divisional Round Picks

This is the best weekend of football you’re going to see all year. It’s approximately 14 hours of the best teams in football. There are

The Wildcard Round NFL Picks Bring Joy to Begin 2014

The last Super Bowl that featured the No. 1 seed from each conference was in 2010 when the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts faced

It All Comes to a Head with The Week 17 NFL Picks

The NFL hasn't locked in a game for its regular season finale on NBC's Sunday Night Football in Week 17, but the possibilities are quite appealing. If

The Week 16 NFL Picks Prepare Us for The Final Countdown

The NFL hasn't locked in a game for its regular season finale on NBC's Sunday Night Football in Week 17, but the possibilities are quite appealing. If

Philip Rivers is Not Going Away after You Read the Week 15 NFL Picks

Kudos to the San Diego Chargers. They held the Broncos to their lowest point total of the season by controlling time of possession and putting

The Survivor & Thursday Night NFL Picks Stop at the Washington Circus

So we're obviously going to lead into this week's picks with talk of Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan. One can't avoid talking about the

The Week 14 NFL Picks Won’t Make the Houston Texans a Smarter Team

Greg Kubiak must’ve known his time was coming. Why else would he insert Matt Schaub into last night’s game? What positives were there to the

Even the Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Can’t Make Tonight’s Game Watchable

The NFL‎ Network has taken heat for the poor quality of play in Thursday Night games. Look for that trend to continue this week when two teams

The RGIII Saga Opens the Week 13 NFL Picks

There's been a lot of commotion surrounding Robert Griffin III in recent weeks. For a guy who hasn't been playing his best, ‎he sure has

The Week 12 NFL Picks Will Have You Going in the Opposite Direction

I’m a fan of the TV show Seinfeld, and I’m sure many of you can relate. (If you’re not, then either humor me for a

The Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Picks Leave Matt Ryan on Alert

In the 2012 regular season, Matt Ryan finally lived up to the quality you’d expect out of the third overall pick in the NFL Draft.

The Week 11 NFL Picks Will Have You Head-Butting People

The Colts continue to bury themselves in the first half and you have to figure it will bite them in the ass eventually. Last night

Trent Richardson Can’t Hide From Life or The Week 11 Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Picks

The Colts clearly played their worst game of the season. They had beaten Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle so losing to St. Louis was basically

We Pledge to Deliver the Week 9 Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Picks

Please wait until the beep to leave a voicemail for Jonathan Martin… 

The Week 9 NFL Picks Can’t Hide the Andy Dalton Question

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Halloween have turned the weekly picks column into a Cliff Notes version this week. The Bengals will need to

We Won’t Go AWOL After the Week 9 Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Picks

Last week was not a good one for this guy’s ability to pick games, but apparently I’m doing a lot better than Miami Dolphins offensive

Will Greg Schiano Be Fired Before You Read The Week 8 NFL Picks?

Things are so bad in Tampa these days that a radio station has bought 19 billboards to promote the firing of Greg Schiano. You can’t blame

Catch Week 8’s Thursday and Survivor NFL Pick

It’s late. It’s almost Friday. You’re ready for the weekend as much as I am. After drinking too many beers at last night’s World Series game,

How to Raise Arizona with the Week 7 NFL Picks

Maybe I’m stating the obvious, but it’s really time for Carson Palmer to retire. He was bad in Cincinnati a few years ago. He looked

Giving You More NFL with Week 7’s Thursday and Survivor Pick

The Wall Street Journal thought they had a story when they rolled out the NFL’s plans to bring in a second Thursday night game and a

We’re Going Green with the Week 6 NFL Picks

The NFL may be able to fine Brandon Marshall for wearing green cleats, but they clearly can’t stop him from doing what he believes in. After

The Good and Bad of Cleveland and the Week 5 NFL Picks

Who needs Trent Richardson? That’s exactly what Browns fans are saying after three straight wins. Just think how upset they were three weeks ago compared

Week 3 NFL Picks Against the Spread

There’s really not much to say about last night’s game between the Eagles and the Chiefs. Michael Vick continues to make mistakes. Alex Smith continues

A Young Man’s Trip to College Station, Plus The Week 2 NFL Picks

This weekend marks one of my favorite weekends of the fall. It has nothing to do with the end of the PGA Tour playoffs, the

Thursday Night’s NFL Pick Gives You A Clean Slate

Peyton Manning will throw for 60 touchdowns this season. The Eagles are going to run 100 plays a game by Week 9 and score 45

We’re One Step Away From Super Sunday, Plus the Conference Championship Weekend Picks

It’s hard to beat the football we got last weekend. Two of the games were exceedingly good, while the other two were close and high-powered

Take Two! Rematches Aplenty in the NFL Divisional Round Picks

Six teams return to the Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs from those that played last year, which is the most since the current format

The Week 17 NFL Picks, Plus Some Strong Opinions on EDM

Week 17 is the hardest week to handicap. There are those teams who have to bring it with playoff consequences on the line. There are

The Robert Griffin III Decision Highlights the Week 15 NFL Picks

The Redskins had been worthless in the Mike Shanahan era. They were 11-22 coming into this season and Shanahan’s days looked to be numbered unless

Going Ugly Early for the Week 13 NFL Picks

“Go Ugly Early” is the official slogan of Harry’s Chocolate Shop, Purdue’s #1 alumni bar, but it might as well be the new slogan for

Going Home for the Holidays, Plus the Week 12 NFL Picks

If you’re not excited for tonight, you’re probably from a hometown that only has one stop sign and no traffic lights. “Big Wednesday” or whatever

Here Are Your Week 11 NFL Picks, Served With a Side of Laughs

I’m taking a break from the strongly opinionated openings this week because there are times we all need a laugh. (Just ask Jets fans. All

The Life and Times of the AFC East, Plus the Thursday Night Pick

It’s been good to be a Patriots fan over the last decade. They’ve won eight division titles in that span and haven’t had that much

Did Brandon Lloyd Really Jump Over That Car? Plus, the Week 10 NFL Picks

Two weeks ago, a 19-year-old kid from Florida tried to jump over a moving car to impress college football scouts for recruiting purposes. A look

Mr. T Travels Down to Georgia As He Serves Up the Week 9 NFL Picks

Back in July I wrote a piece about where my friends and I should travel on our annual college football road trip. As I mentioned

Good NFL Things Cure Hangovers and Push Us to the Week 8 NFL Picks

I didn’t catch last night’s domination of Minnesota by Tampa Bay because I was on a boat cruising around Manhattan after work. We drank the

The NFC Dominance is Highlighted in the Week 6 NFL Picks

For some reason it’s really tough to find one conference’s record against the other on the internet. Shouldn’t this be something that’s regularly available in

Various Levels of Excitement Brings Us to the Week 4 NFL Picks

The NFL refs came back for last night’s game in Baltimore. There may have been a few questionable calls in the Ravens vs. Browns game,

No Time to Waste in the Week 3 NFL Picks

There’s no time for a snazzy intro this week because I’m downing Bloody Mary’s at the pool in Miami right now. With a big birthday