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Watch Speed Demon Rich Eisen Turn in a Blistering 5.98 Forty-Yard Dash

Dude can fly.

Like the Rest of You, Mike Mayock is Sick of Hearing About Manti Te’o

Poor Manti Te’o didn’t get drafted last night. Of course, that doesn’t mean his name wasn’t mentioned dozens of times.

The NFL Network Ranked the Top 10 Worst NFL Teams of All Time

To paraphrase the great public speaker Jim Mora, the majority of the teams on this list couldn't do "diddly poo" on either side of the

NFL Network Reporter Gets Buzzed With Ball During Live Report

Could have been much worse and, consequently, more entertaining.

Mr. T’s Ultimate Guide to Finding Sports to Watch on TV

Last Tuesday, when the opening game of the "First Four" tipped off, hoops fans around the country had one big question: What channel is TruTV

NFL Network’s Rich Eisen Shatters His 40-Yard Dash Record

Earlier today, NFL Network host Rich Eisen continued his annual tradition of running the 40-yard dash at the league’s combine. This endeavor serves