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Michael Sam Kissed His Boyfriend on ESPN After Being Drafted Into the NFL and It Was Awesome

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We’ve Obtained Johnny Manziel’s Scouting Report From the New England Patriots

Johnny Manziel's scouting report from the New England Patriots might explain why the star quarterback's stock dropped in the NFL draft.

Philadelphia Eagles Fan Passed Out in Bathroom at Radio City Music Hall

Sleep well, sweet prince.

Nike’s Draft Day Ad For Johnny Manziel Pretty Much Says, ‘Yeah, He Could Be a Bust’

Are we wrong in concluding that that is the message here?

This Photo of Browns Fans Heading to the NFL Draft Has Left Me Moderately Depressed

Spotted today in New York.

Here’s Our Official 2014 NFL Draft Drinking Game

It's finally here.

Soon-To-Be NFL WAGs Lindsey Duke and Kacie McDonnell Took a Photo Together and PLEASE GOD GIVE US MORE

Humina humina humina...

These are the Official New Era Hats This Year’s NFL Draft Picks Will Receive

Not totally disgusting.

A Bro Details His “Groomsmen Draft” With a Unique Spoof Video

This guy.

Johnny Manziel Has a New Nickname

A sign of respect.

Ron Jaworski Said WHAT About Johnny Manziel?

Ron Jaworski didn't just say the Houston Texans should pass on Johnny Manziel with the Draft's first pick.

The Trailer For ‘Draft Day’ Is Here, a Fictional Movie About the Cleveland Browns on Draft Day

Thank god this movie is fiction because otherwise it would be more depressing than the first hour of A Beautiful Life. 

This Video of Justin Pugh Getting a Draft Day Phone Call Is Fantastic

Syracuse offensive lineman Justin Pugh was taken with the 19th pick in the NFL draft last night by the New York Giants. This video shows

NFL Draft Fans Rant and Rave Over Prospects Who Don’t Exist

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of person attends the NFL Draft while wearing a jersey, this video reveals some answers. To be fair, Kerwin

Here’s Our Official NFL Draft Drinking Game

The most important non-game gameday in sports is upon us. The eyes of the NFL will be on Radio City Music Hall tonight as the

Tyrann Mathieu Cries About How He Ruined His College Football Career By ‘Abusing Marijuana’

It hasn't been a great year for the Honeybadger. 

How Did Your Team Do in the NFL Draft?

Although there was plenty of drama in the NHL and NBA playoffs this weekend, every football fan enjoyed three days of NFL Draft. While games

Rutgers Wide Receiver Gets Pranked, Falsely Informed He was Drafted by Bengals

Rutgers stand out wide receiver Mohamed Sanu was ecstatic when he received the call that he had been drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals. One problem, the

NFL Hopeful Justin Bethel Shows Off Incredible 60-inch Leap

It’s less than 48 hours until the NFL draft. Most teams’ boards are pretty solidified by now. But if someone wants to reach

This Chick Wants to Bang the Last Pick in the NFL Draft (AKA Mr. Irrelevant)

Goes without saying but I'd dust her. Although she seems fertile and untrustworthy I'd probably go at it raw too. Or at least

Roger Goodell Booed at Start of the NFL Draft; Crowd Chants ‘We Want Football’

Come on, you knew this was coming. After everyone calmed down, the Commish kept things classy and asked for a moment of silence for those

Uphill Climb: Can Tackle Jeff Wills, the Largest Player in the 2011 Draft, Make it to the NFL?

Like many college seniors, Jeff Wills has been sending out his resume and trying to impress recruiters. And just like his classmates, Wills's job search

Under Armour Offers 12 Lucky Football Fans a Chance to Chat with Tom Brady

Want to meet the man who was the 199th player picked in the 2000 NFL Draft but now boasts three Super Bowl rings and wakes