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The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Poolside Cabanas Look Pretty Tight

Get wet.

Green Bay Packers Calmly Handles Devastating Loss With Class

Because sports. Always because sports.

How to Survive When Your NFL Team is Eliminated from Playoff Contention

You have just earned the NFL’s designated driver status. You can show up to the party, but the good part is off-limits.

CBS Cameras Capture Buffalo Bills Fan’s Fall From 3rd Deck

Some idiot tried to slide along the ledge of the third deck of Ralph Wilson Stadium during yesterday’s Buffalo Bills-New York Jets game. Surprisingly, the

The Chicago Bears Beat the Green Bay Packers Because These Dudes Wore Cheese Grater Hats

The Chicago Bears went into Lambeau Field last night and emerged with a victory. That's rare.

How to Jump on an NFL Team’s Bandwagon Just in Time for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is awesome. There’s no disputing that fact. But for my money, this coming Sunday is the best day of the football year.

Even Fireman Ed is Sick of the New York Jets

Does anyone else hate when this guy gets television time? You’re only making him more famous!

The Kansas City Chiefs Killed a Man

Congratulations to this guy for having a solid sense of humor until the very end.

Kansas City Chiefs Lineman Eric Winston Unloads on Fans Who Cheered Matt Cassel’s Concussion

Kansas City Chiefs lineman Eric Winston didn’t mince words when he unloaded an epic diatribe to fans who cheered quarterback Matt Cassel getting knocked out

Yesterday’s Bills-Browns Game Featured an Intense Fan Fight

We're not going to give it away, but this is the rare fan fight video that has a very clear winner.

Streaker at Baltimore Ravens-New England Patriots Game Has an Important Message

It’s pretty amazing that we’ve gotten to the point where a moron on the field has to distinguish himself from any other moron on the

Crazed Fan Pays $1,500 for Drawing Done by Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck came to Indianapolis with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Replacing Peyton Manning is no easy task. As such, the quarterback